Madonna Wearing Butterflies

Madonna Butterflies

Madonna wearing Monarch butterflies.

Ahh, yes friends the great Whore of Babylon Madonna. Her dancing inflames the fires of lust in the hearts of men. I keep track of Madonna’s perambulations. I admit it. I collect her photos even though they are the work of Satan. By collecting her nude photos I shine a light on the work of Lucifer. She is a sex slave friends. Just like Marilyn Monroe she has a completely different personality. A sex kitten. This is known as Beta alter in Monarch mind control programming.

If she does escape from the nuclear fire that will consume New York she will not survive the nuclear winter afterward. Ahh, yes friends New York is Mystery Babylon the Great. The great city that is prophesied to be destroyed and the great harlot destroyed with her.

Revelation 17:16. The ten horns that you saw and the beast will hate the harlot; they will leave her desolate and naked;
they will eat her flesh and consume her with fire.

Oh yes friends.

It is coming.

It is written by me.

Nuclear FIRE! When the sun is darkened. When the cursed earth will not yield it harvest and famine will abound. When sons and daughters of man are so hungry that according to Nostradamus they will eat roots from the trees and snatch children from the breast. Sweet Jesus have mercy on us.

Lord can you hear me? YES Lord I can hear you. Yes Lord I will lead them to the light.

Call 1-8669-SAVEME

Reserve your spot on the salvation statue now.

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2 thoughts on “Madonna Wearing Butterflies

  1. Monarch Latah Programming I bet. Madonna See – Madonna Do! Or in this case – pre-programmed proto-puppets see Madonna Do and Remotely Copy…

    Like a (technical) virgin – the secret “all holes but…” teaching of Catholic schools for centuries…..flaunted openly in our faces. They get off on taunting us with this stuff.


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