Monarch Madonna

Fastforward to minute 3:32

Monarch slave Madonna wears a butterfly mask while teaching viewers how to open their 3rd EYE. U can open Ur third EYE by DOing breathing eXcercises. Madonna was so poor when she came to Jew York she lived in an abandoned synagogue. She made a slave porno film. I forget what it was called. Anyhoo, she had to suck alot of Jew dick to get where she is. She climbed the ladder to being a Monarch slave like the chicks in Eyes WIde shut, a movie made by righteous kike Stanley Kubrick. The elite Illuminati love to get their kicks by fracking celebrities behind masks.

REVELATION 17:2. The kings of the earth have had intercourse with her,

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5 thoughts on “Monarch Madonna

  1. Whoa! Didn’t know that. I want to point out that Lady Gaga, who of course has been hailed has the “new Madonna” and is totally an illuminati slave wears masks all the time in her performances and videos.

  2. I’m just wondering, is this a site about conspiracy theories, or just a site for jew-bashing? I may not be Jewish, but why are sites like this breeding and harbouring vilification and human intolerance. This is disgraceful

  3. I’m the only Italian Gentile Man in the United Martian States to file
    a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit against the Martian Witch from Michigan or
    Wisconsin or Ohio__they lie. Chic CO NY is a CIA Klan hitman for
    the Martian Klan Mob and don’t believe anything you read or heard about
    this man women or thing. The celebrities in America are Martian Klan
    and do the killing for the Klan!

    So, you think they are pretty, talented, singers or actors__think again,
    the are Martian Klan killers and that is their real talent and
    why they make all the money they want.

    What happens if a talented human Gentile tries to work in the
    Entertainment or Media? Dead! Heart Attack, Poisoning, OD, AIDS,
    Hive, Brain Tumors, etc…..

    We human people or Gentiles are being wiped off the face of America
    by the collected, telepathic, psycho race.

    You should look me up if you dare?

    From Evil San Jo via Evil SAMO via Evil MadonnaEVille(Slo),

    Wayne E. Manzo, PhD
    The most censored and hated Publisher on the Net!
    310 266 4311

    I need human people who want to work on my tv series
    called “Contact US”! Look me up on U2B


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