Chronicles of Riddick and Yale’s Skull & Bones

Lord Marshal Riddick

Lord Marshal: The Bush Senior of Chronicles of Riddick.

Chronicles of Riddick is the science fiction action movie starring Vin Diesel. The movie features a death cult similar to Yale’s Skull & Bones. The militaristic death cult are known as Necromongers, which translated from Latin means they love or crave death. Yale’s Skull & Bones sigil has this biblical verse on it “All who hate me love death” (Prov 8:36). They are known as Bonesmen, The Order, or the Brotherhood of Death. You can probably tell they are not happy campers.

Bush Skull & Bones

George Bush Senior to the left of the grandfather clock.

It is believed by some that they adopted the numerological symbol 322 because their group was the second chapter of a German organization founded in 1832. It is also rumored that the number 322 is the lodge number of the Illuminati. They might be the second Illuminati lodge or the 322nd. Nobody knows. I personally believe they are not Illuminati but Illuminated Freemasonry. That is, they are automatically initiated into a lodge that is above the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. All the masonic boogeymen are there in Skull & Bones ritual. The death’s head. The coffins. There is also masturbation in the coffin to reveal the neophytes sexual secrets and make them completely subservient to the order.

Illuminati Seal Skull & Bones

The seal of Skull & Bones when layed over the great seal spell MASON.

Taking a look at the Great Seal of the Illuminati you can see why the Bush family is obsessed with the New World Order. The thigh bones point to the letters M A S N. The broken tooth on the skull points to the letter O. MASON.


Lord Marshal’s purifier. Some sort of space age psychiatrist.

The purifier is an interesting character in Riddick. George HW Bush’s secret society runs the American Psychiatric Association through the CIA. Their most notorious psychiatric abuse is the program known as MK-Ultra. George HW Bush is very infamous pedophile and his abuse of children splits the mind into alter personalities that he can control. It’s all very sick, sordid stuff. In Riddick the purifier is there to convert the conquered planet into the culture of death. The American culture. The conquered humans are known as “breeders” since they have large families. Necromongers, like Americans, take in immigrants from conquered nations and assimilate them. The purifier makes these conquered people’s give up their old religions for the new religion: AMERICANA! Apple pie, baseball and Michael Jackson is the new religion for Iraqi immigrants to America. The purifier/psychiatrist assists in assimilation by giving the conquered the “mark” of the necromonger. I’ll get into more about the “mark” later.


A minor character named Tombs.

In Yale’s Skull & Bones the lodge is known as the “tomb”. Another reference to death. The necromongers are searching for the “underverse”, which is similar to Bonesmen looking for the resurrection. Underverse is in fact code word for resurrection. George HW Bush is a holy half dead like Lord Marshal who has seen the resurrection. It is up to his son George W Bush to keep “the faith”.

Bush Kerry

Bush & Kerry: Brothers underneath the skin.

Bush Jr. might seem like an idiot son but he is in fact a very powerful Bonesmen/Necromonger. I think the Vaako character is based on Bush Jr. The heir to Skull & Bones leadership. In times of war Skull & Bones provide leadership to the Illuminati. Skull & Bones oversaw both sides of the conflict between Hitler and Stalin. The 2004 election was rigged by Skull & Bones. So when P Diddy said vote or die now you know why. Diddy should of said vote third party or die. But then again Diddy isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.


Vaako and his scheming wife.

George W Bush’s wife Laura might look like an innocent librarian but she in fact killed her ex boyfriend in a car accident. I think this is what turned George W Bush on most about Laura. Laura likes Dubya cuz he’s a killing machine. 1 million dead Iraqis! GO DUBYA! KILL KILL KILL!

Bush Laura Pope Kiss

All who hate me love death!

Take a look at Dubya and Laura making out like teenagers at the funeral of Pope John Paul II. They are really turned on. I bet Laura’s panties are wet. Laura is kind of hot. I wish I had some glamor pics of her when she was younger. Maybe in some kind of librarian outfit. She’s totally Jake worthy. Hey Laura maybe me and you could get together at the library of congress? What do you think baby? I could find some aborted fetuses to turn you on.

Save us Vin Diesel!

Now Vin Diesel is some sort of messiah character in this film. It is prophesied that a member of his race would stop the Necromongers. But Riddick is a monster. He’s a career criminal that always escapes from jail. He’s the anti-hero that is popular in films nowadays. Dame Judy Dench says he is evil but in times like these evil must be fought with evil.

I don’t know. He was kind of evil in the first Pitch Black movie but he’s not so evil in this one. He should of left the crazy muslim guy and the kid die in the first movie to be truly evil. Anyways Riddick stops the Necromongers. But it’s just a movie. In real life Skull & Bones is as powerful as ever. Even more so now. After 9/11 they realized they could get away with anything. They could irradiate their own troops with depleted uranium. They could ship in tons and tons of heroin from Afghanistan. Nothing is off limits now.

Mark of the Necromonger

Riddick’s woman gets the “mark”.

Now poop hits the fan. Lord Marshal gives Riddick’s girlfriend the mark of the Necromonger. Some sort of microchip in the back of the neck. In real life they want to give us the verichip to keep track of all our monetary transactions. This poop pissed of Vin Diesel alot so he takes a knife and…

Riddick Kill

Riddick stabs Lord Marshal in the head.

Riddick killing Lord Marshal really upsets Vaako’s wife. It’s like Dubya failing to snuff out his pedophile father with a pillow. EPIC FAIL. Why is Dubya so scared of daddy? He’s old and decrepit. A couple minutes with a pillow on the face and HW would meet his maker. But Dubya is a coward so Daddy Bush is gonna die from natural causes. Dubya is an epic coward. He was AWOL from the Vietnam war but never faced charges cuz of Daddy. @georgewbush Do it Dubya! Snuff him out for fracking you in the ass Greek style all those years. Do it bro! You’ll be a hero to Bonesmen all over the world.

Riddick Throne

Watch the throne!

After Riddick kills Lord Marshal he sits on Lord Marshal’s throne and all the necromongers worship him. I’m sure there is a throne in the tomb made entirely of bones. Geronimo’s relatives are suing Skull & Bones for stealing his bones. Sick stuff.


I’m spent

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  1. I like your comments on Laura Bush (‘Laura is kind of hot.”), which I kind of agree with. Enjoying the rest of your site, Thanks very much.

  2. Now this seems like all I’ve ever dreamed of…kumbe I dreamed of something available!!!!


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