Mel Gibson and the Cult of the Virgin Mary

Get the Gringo Virgin Mary

Mel Gibson named his daughter Lucia after the seer of the Virgin Mary in Portugal. Lucia was given three secrets. The first told of hell and where sinners go. The second secret predicted the second world war. The third secret is a mystery. The church was supposed to reveal it in 1962 but they kept it secret until the year 2000. Some say the secret was changed and Lucia silenced. Is the church hiding an apocalyptic secret?

Get the Gringo

In Get the Gringo Mel features Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Get the Gringo

She is featured many times in this movie.

Get the Gringo

There are images of the Virgin Mary or Our Lady of Guadalupe with a skull instead of a face.

Get the Gringo

I wonder what this possibly could mean?

Get the Gringo

Octavius writes:

The skeleton in Mexican art is celebrated. Although the universal symbol of death may be shocking to many, in Mexico death is contemplated face to face with impatience, with contempt, with irony and with humour. Skulls feature a lot.

The Mexican artist uses the skull as a living symbol like the rain, trees, the colours and the birds and is able to give a physical place to a physical fact. He controls death by catching its image; thus making it into a lasting visible life. Because for the Mexican artist death is not the end; but part of the continuation of the cycle of life; just as the day follows the night, and the spring follows the winter, life follows death.

The use of Skulls and skeletons in art was well represented even by The Aztecs who excelled in stone sculptures and carvings. The worship of death involved worship of life, while the skull symbol of death was a promise to resurrection.

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