Architects of Deception: The Secret History of Freemasonry

Lina Architects of Deception

Architects of Deception: The Concealed History of Freemasonry

Based on the archives of the famous and powerful French Grand Orient Lodge, captured in June 1940 and later made public by the Russians, Jüri Lina details in a 600-page the true history of how Freemasonry has conspired for world domination and orchestrated all major revolutions and wars to create a one world Government.

Lina writes that 300 Jewish banking families have used Freemasonry as an instrument to subvert, control and degrade the Western world and force their “New World Order” through fear, war and terrorism as well as other means.

“Architects of Deception,” is certainly one of the most informative and revealing books on Freemasonry and secret societies by a committed and courageous researcher and personal friend. It is essential reading for those with a passionate desire to know how to combat and stop the onslaught of the nightmarish Orwellian “New World Order” which daily looms into view before us. Now available for the first time in English, this masterpiece of scholarship on the origins and agendas of the world’s powerful secret societies leaves the reader aghast but empowered. Juri Lina brilliantly exposes the secret origins of world Freemasonry, and of other elite cabals such as the Priory de Sion, the illuminati, the Knight Templars, and the Bilderberg Group, and explains what anti-human agendas lie behind their bizarre ceremonies, rhetoric and occult symbolism. Among many things, the book explains the manner in which these self-proclaimed “illumined-ones” succeed in manipulating the course of political and religious events, the means by which they orchestrate wars and designer-violence, and dumb-down the “smiling depressives” whom they consider sacrificial victims to their ancient but diabolical gods. Reading this fine book confirms and strengthens the fact that we are living in the age in which humankind can finally be free from the age-old clandestine forces that have conspired to control the human mind, body and soul. Clearly, this freedom cannot come into being without knowledge. Knowledge is our greatest weapon and ally. As Juri Lina’s book explains, there is an alternative history of the world, one that makes greater sense than the pseudo-histories taught from text books and classrooms. The measure of our sanity lies in our openness to learn what has been hidden from us, and to cherish those teachers who assist us to light the true torches of freedom and empowerment. In this masterly and essential book the reader is provided with a rare vision into the kind of life and world that once was, and which will be again, after the savage secret leviathans of tyranny and suppression are brought before the altars of truth, correctly exposed and prosecuted, and finally vanquished from the earth.”

– Michael Tsarion, Alternative Historian and Author

You can download a PDF copy here.

You can buy a hard copy for your library here.

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One thought on “Architects of Deception: The Secret History of Freemasonry

  1. Awesome. Thank you very much for providing in-depth Knowledge on freemasons and showing us all how Garbage and Pathetic the agenda these organized gorup controlling all from behind the curtain has stored for humanity. Nothing…..
    I have just downloaded the Pdf file I have to read it and spread the word. God Bless Thank You for your Service and Courage for being Bold and Unique and speaking The Truth Helping Humanity. Lotsss of Lv Thank You.


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