Transformers, Megatron and Hitler

Megatron Hilter Nazi

In the classic 80’s Transformers cartoon the Decepticon leader was based on the German Walther P38 handgun. Since they were called Decepticons you would assume the Nazis were deceptive and cowardly.

The real truth is that the Germans were exceptionally brave, truthful and chivalrous. The allied armies, on the other hand, which outnumbered the Germans many times over, were very cowardly and often targeted civilians in terror bombings. The only lie Hitler ever told was about his Jewish roots. He had a Jewish grandfather and took great pains to cover it up.

If you study German propaganda you understand why Hilter said, “We will not lie and we will not cheat!” In Germany, the minister of propaganda told the people that what they were watching was propaganda. In America and the Soviet Union the propaganda was called truth or pravda. Hitler is probably the only politician who ever kept his promise in the entire 20th century. The only politician to ever achieve full employment without war. The war was forced upon Hitler after his economic “miracle”.

The Germans only ceased their chivalrous behavior when they invaded Russia and had to face communist Partisans. One tactic the Jewish commissars used to great effect to raise Partisan guerilla fighters was the false flag. Soviet forces would wear German uniforms and raze a city or town to make the civilians think the Germans had killed innocent women and children. In Yugoslavia the Polish Jew Walter Weiss (Josip Broz Tito) used this tactic to great effect and formed a brutal dictatorship over the southern Slavs. War through deception is the motto of the Jewish Mossad whom many say blew up the twin towers on 9/11.

In the Transformers cartoon Megatron is the epitome of evil and his head is shaped like a German helmet. These cartoons and movies like Saving Private Ryan defame the memory of brave German soldiers fighting a war they could not win. Hitler did not smoke or drink and tried to keep optimistic like Optimus Prime even though he knew he was in a war that he could not win. Churchill was a drunken buffoon and puppet of the Illuminati who paid off his gambling debts. Germany was built up by the Illuminati and allowed to make small victories and unify with Austria before she was smashed by the combined might of America and the Soviet Union. Germany was a country of 80 million surrounded by 2 very hostile superpowers. People who call Hitler a coward and a madman who wanted to take over the world are deluded by the holocaust and World War II movie industry. Hitler & Mussolini both served in World War I while the allied leaders, Churchill, Stalin & Roosevelt/Rosenfelt were the ultimate chickenhawks. Stalin had a nervous breakdown when Hitler invaded and a member of Skull & Bones, I’m not sure who, a Harriman or a Stimson had to take over the defence of Russia. Skull & Bones advised leaders on all sides of the war. The Skull & Bones secret society is the undisputed leader of the Illuminati in times of war like we saw in the two Gulf wars in Iraq.

What does this have to do with Transformers again? Transformers and GI Joe influenced an entire generation. Generation X. Those two shows were beamed into the United States and Canada by the military industrial complex to train a new generation of soldiers. America was stripped of her manufacturing capabilities and China was built up for the final social cataclysm. The third world war as outlined by Albert Pike. Communist China was kept in check and her apocalyptic 200 million man army armed and outfitted. Freemason General Douglas Macarthur was so disgusted by not being allowed to attack China during the Korean war he threw up on the stairs of Congress. After the defeat of Japan and Germany the United States could of easily destroyed Communism since they were the only nation that had an atomic bomb.

Transformers and GI Joe were two very similar cartoons. On one side was good and on the other was evil. GI Joe shot blue lasers Cobra shot red lasers. Republicans (red) bring war Democrats (blue) bring peace. Autobots have blue eyes (good) Decepticons have red eyes (evil). This hegelian conflict is symbolized by the American eagle clutching arrows (war) and the olive branch (peace). After two terms of evil and war under Skull & Bones member George W. Bush, the democrat Barack Obama has brought peace to Iraq.

I’m going to download the original Transformers cartoon and see what else I can find that would be enlightening. From what I understand GI Joe was a terrestrial (human) based show while Transformers was an extra-terrestrial (alien) conflict. Certain scenes stuck out to me about Transformers that made them “above” humans. Megatron had no use for gold or gems and would laugh at the humans for their folly. The only thing that mattered to Megatron was energon cubes. I remember they would fill them up with oil in one episode. Oil is the reason America is on its adventure in the middle east.

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