The Truth Behind Cigarettes

Cigarettes Truth

“the truth is, it isn’t the nicotine and tobacco that’s killin’ you in cigarettes, it’s refined sucrose, mistakenly called white sugar”
— M’Bwebe Aja Ishangi

Have you seen the commercialz put out by the website company,, where they have people droppin’ off body bagz at tobacco industries?

They claim the addiction nicotine has on smokerz are responsible for the over 400,000 annual deaths in America. After researching cigarettes, it seemz the isn’t tellin’ you the whole truth!

The food processing industry is the biggest sugar customer, putting as much as 50% in processed food. What’s shockin’ to know is filling the #2 slot is the tobacco industry. The Surgeon General has commissioned all cigarette manufacturerz are required to tell you on the cigarette box that smoking is hazardous to your health, but they are not required to tell you any further info. In fact, cigarettes is probably the only substance that does not print it’s ingredients on the box! Most have been misled to believe it’s only made of tar, nicotine and filterz, but they do not tell you about the tobacco.

The history of tobacco didn’t start until after Columbus got lost and landed in the America’s. The Red man had
been blowin’ peace pipes for centuries before their encounter with YT. The tobacco plant wasn’t brought to Europe until 1558, by the spanish physician, Jean Nicot, where nicotine is derived from.

According to the March 1973 edition Medical World News, there’s an average of 5-20% sugar that’s added to cigarettes, up to 20% in cigarz and as much as 40% in pipe tobacco, mainly in the form of molasses. The truth is the presence of sugar in cigarettes is the main source of lung cancer, based on experimental studies. This was done by conducting experiments in environments where cigarettes were processed with sugar and landz where they used tobacco that wasn’t laced with this addicting drug.

They found that cigarettes made in Britain have the highest sugar content of any in the world at 17%. American cigarettes came to about 15%, with Russia, China, Formosa and other countries where they’re made from air-dried tobacco – which is the closest to what the Red man smoke – barely had, if any. From this group they were unable to find any cases of lung cancer correlated to smoking.

What was found was that the tremendous excess of sugar and artificial chemicalized animal protein eaten is the link to causing lung cancer. So if you eatin’ meat and smokin’ you’re a sure shot for gettin’ it! This bringz the addiction cigarettes have to a deeper level. Not only are you fightin’ the addiction of the nicotine, you’re also combattin’ the even stronger addiction of refined sucrose (white sugar).

If you are a smoker, or know someone who does, think how many tymz you heard them say they needed to relax so they lit up; or in the morning, as soon as they wake up, they light up; or after a meal, or sex. Then think of how challenging it is/was for them as they tried to kick the habit. Just as with sugar, the longer a person goes without a puff, the more uneasy they become. If they hold out long enuff, they will begin to resemble a crack hed lookin’ for his next hit!

Author of Sugar Blues, William Dufty said, “On the one hand, the government informs us that smoking depletes our systems of certain vitamins. On the other hand, the government assures us we don’t have to worry since the average U.S. diet supplies these essential items in quantity aplenty.” This is where the mind frack beginz, after readin’ the piece, In Sickness & In Health? or Potential Wealth!, you’ll see that the hospital administration along with the Food & Drug Administration has every intention to kill us all slowly through malnutrition.

These industries have ties with the sugar monopoly and tobacco industry and they all realize they can financially
capitalize by givin’ us a slow death by tellin’ us what we should eat, processing these foodz which eliminate the
vitaminz and mineralz our body need to stay healthy, and makin’ it hard to stay away from refined sucrose because of its presence in so many foodz. After we develop problemz over the yearz we then come literally crawling to the local
hospital they pump us with other addictive-slow death drugz, never gettin’ us healthy. Y do you think they take the Hippocratic Oath?! What’s the root word of Hippocratic… Hypocrite!!

This leaves the question as to why the website ‘’ chooses to not reveal the sugar connection. If you are an avid reader of DGT, you would most likely realize there is literally no company that is prepared to announce a widespread campaign against the sugar industry. Doin’ this would literally cripple the entire econonomy to its core!

It makes me wonder if the ‘’ is really out to reveal the truth, the whole truth and nothin’ but… nah, if they haven’t by now it’s very clear they intend to keep this a secret!


Da Ghetto Tymz

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One thought on “The Truth Behind Cigarettes

  1. The whole article is good. It does depict the conspiracy that is hidden behind the food and tobacco industry. BUT you are tragically wrong about the Hippocratic oath. The rout of the name Hippocrates is no hypocrite. This is HUGE mistake. The name Hippocrates derives from the two words Hippos (ΙΠΠΟΣ) which in Greek means Horse, and the word Cratao (ΚΡΑΤΑΩ) which means hold, and in extension could be as master. Hence Hipoccrates means horse master and not hypocrite. Farther more hypocrite is also derives from two words = Hypo (ΥΠΟ) meaning Sub, under, and the word critis (ΚΡΙΤΗΣ) which means judge. Hypocrisy (n.) (υποκρισις) means being under predetermined critical analysis. Therefore your statement comes to a fallacy and you should erase this part from your article. In ancient Greek Hypocrite was called the Actor because he was “acting”. Nowadays it is synonym to liar, as the action for example of politicians, saying one thing and doing another, can be described as hypocrisy.
    Hippocrates was the father of medicine and healing, and the oath was written by him. The Hippocratic Oath (orkos) is one of the most widely known of Greek medical texts. It requires a new physician to swear upon a number of healing gods that he will uphold a number of professional ethical standards.

    Falling to correct that mistake you will do exactly what “” you blame them do. Lie! Which I totally agree with you about that anyway.


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