Rihanna’s New Video Features Many Monarchs

What do you think the symbols in Rihanna’s new video mean? Any guesses? The butterflies? The Red and white checkered background. She was scheduled to duet with Chris Brown in front of a black and white checkered background at the video music awards before the Herpes fiasco. Relax Rihanna, a couple pills of selenium everyday will stop the virus from growing. If u boost your immune system with vitamins and fresh vegetable juice like JUGO juice and alot of fruits u can wipe out Derek Jeter’s Herpes simplex virus he spread around New York high society competely.

Derek Jeter Herpes

Jessica Alba, Jay Z, Beyonce, Scarlet Johansson, Ryan Reynolds the list goes on and on. That Valtrex drug will only make the virus worse. If you celebtards have a break out put vitamin C ascorbic acid on it and it will go away.

An old woman took selenium daily and she hasn’t had a herpes breakout in 8 years. Neither should any of you if eat a healthy diet.

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3 thoughts on “Rihanna’s New Video Features Many Monarchs

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