Chris Brown’s Illuminati Tattoo

Chris Brown Illuminati Snake Tattoo

Chris Brown got a new tattoo. It’s a tattoo of me. The snake, the serpent, Lucifer. It has a little Illuminati rattle. Cute.

Chris Brown knows I sign his paychecks. He signed a contract to serve me with his music. He honors me with that tattoo.

Wrath, definitely one of my favorite sins. When Rihanna gave Chris Brown herpes he unleashed a barrage of fists on her face.

Rihanna has beautiful shoulders. A woman’s shoulders are the front lines of her mystique, and her neck, if she’s alive, has all the mystery of a border town. A no-man’s land in that battle between the mind and the body.

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5 thoughts on “Chris Brown’s Illuminati Tattoo

  1. MTV belongs to me. Sumner Redstone gets his orders from the grand lodge that gets its orders from the Illuminati who get their orders from me. It’s like Russian Dolls. Secret Societies within secret societies.

  2. I don`t know about you but chris`s tatoo is ugly and I don`t see why anyone would want someting like that on their body.But thats my point of view.

  3. Better to reign in hell then serve in heaven? Are you serious? THATS the lie lucifer feeds. No one is reigning. The demons serve and the souls are tormented. If lucifer is the mastr of deceipt then you are weak minded to fall for it. Demons and lucifer are below humans. That is why he hates us so much. Because he was cast from heaven to Earth and now w are here ion his turf. He can not get another chance. We can. We conjure up demons but we cna not conjure up God. Only seek him. lucifer promises to make men like gods to be worshipped but yet the movie THIS IS THE END showed your rihannas and kevin harts all get dropped into the pits of hell regardless. The only king on the throne there will be lucifer. And he already has demons working for him so any man that think shes going to be his right hand dude is being lied to. lucifer can not tell the truth. He is now built to only do wrong. Its impossible in his nature to do right. HOW is it better to reign in hell then to serve in heaven? I hear the temperture is better the view is better the fact there is no pain and there is peace there. GOD created what lucifer can not so it proves he is not better than God. If he is then go create your own planet and live there with other beings you create to worship you. Cant do that? Then BOW DOWN TO THE ONE WHO CREATED YOU!!!!


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