Nicki Minaj Talks About Her Multiple Personalities

Here is a video where rap star Nicki Minaj describes her multiple personality disorder. In basic Wizard of Oz programming there is a central “Dorothy” main personality with alters like the Cowardly Lion (No courage), the Tin man (No heart), and Scarecrow (No Brain). To get to the main personality the words “There’s no place like home” are said to the victim while they are holding an object like a purse or stuffed animal.

Onika Tanya Maraj (Her real name) has a Harajuku Barbie (No brain), an Austere businesswoman named Roman (No heart), and Nicki Minaj (No courage). These are her three main personalities along with her central “Dorothy” core personality. These personalities are created through incestuous sex and Satanic ritual abuse.

This is some footage of Onika Tanya Maraj with a lesbian gangster personality. The dissociation is a survival mechanism to cope with the abuse suffered by the victim. The CIA perfected this type of mind control in the 60’s and many celebrities are programmed this way. Like cream, the more programmed the celebrity the more they rise to the top.

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10 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Talks About Her Multiple Personalities

  1. That booty is the reason cracker devils come into the ghetto trying to rape our black women. Blacks have an extra Gluteus muscle. That’s Y we run fast wigga. That’s Y we trounce u cracker devils on the mothafuckin’ grid iron wigga.

  2. Anyone that speaks of being psychotic, sociopathic, narcissistic, having a split personality or multiple personality disorder is doing it for attention and manipulation of a said party, mainly the press and her fans in this case.

    Trauma and guilt based programming prevents the person from coming forward with this information to the public and everything is highly compartmentalized mind you. There are triggers built in that if someone attempts to tamper with the programming, the subject either suicides or will attempt to gain control. As it’s said, in order for the person not to endure anymore torture, they must “stay in control”.

    About the mind states or personalities, you cannot have three main personalities, you have one personality acting as the the altar, if it’s based on this programming. All the others are called up by psychiatrist doing the programming and each one has a specific purpose, you can look at each personality as a “vessel” holding one part of the emotional charge from the whole package. Such as one is programmed to be fearful and said to hold in fear.

    You get the idea, I believe.

    As of this time, I cannot say that she is indeed any of the things she has mentioned nor claimed, I would say she is troubled, yes and very eccentric to say the very least.

    It’s a marketing ploy as well, we have all seen this before in the industry, for example, Tila Tequila Nguyen.

    The CIA and other agencies need not attempt to program the rich and famous or the people destined to become such, they are much easier to control through the use of the media for which they already own and control anyhow.

    Spending much less money and being more effective is a better way of conducting covert, black, and shadow operations through such a broad medium that we have come to know as the media empire, while it includes the entertainment business as a part of the vast empire.

    I am however not saying that mind programming doesn’t exist anymore but the target has to be of extremely high value because of the time, money and other high resource usage is needed to conduct such operations would not make it feasible to do more than a handful at a time and to do it correctly for maximum effectiveness.

    Think about it for a little while.

    Who am I? Does it matter?

  3. Nikki Minaj talks about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father. She also raps about riding on the short bus to school. I don’t think she’s doing it for attention.

  4. I think trying to say people are devil worshippers because of hidden signs in video clips is like trying to find something that isn’t there. Not every performer suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder, or are satanists. This is the media’s way of manipulating people into believing a theory that has no evidence. Wow. Good synopsis. Terrible reason. If you can show these performers in actual devil worship, I don’t believe a word of what your saying. And another thing, Nicki Minaj suffering from multiple personalities is something she should be commended for since she has become a mega star and suffers from a mental illness. But when your jealous and you have no talent bone in your body, of course you would blast something like her past up, because you don’t want her to do well. Then you tell yourself that your doing the public a favour by letting them know who she really is. Maybe people love her because of who she is now and not what she was in the past. I think those who have MPD are brave. Could you imagine the torment they suffer everyday? Could you imagine how out of control they are of themselves sometimes? That in itself has to be devastating. It would be like being on drugs 24/7. Powerless. Other forces, alter egos have taken over your body and you remain unable to influence them, but they can influence you. And what makes it worse is she didn’t choose to have this. MPD is caused from a traumatic childhood event or events. And when people give you a hard time over something you can’t control is horrible. What if you were blind and you couldn’t help but bump into things (despite your walking stick) and people gave you a hard time about it? I love Nicki Minaj despite MPD. She just inspires me even more…

  5. if she is talking about how she has different personalities and she cant control it then it is obviously some sort of personality disorder.
    to be quite honest, i dont know why people know about this and how shes still strutting talentless about a stage; she needs help.

  6. I dont have anything that much to say but all i could say is that u cant control a person if they are sick and live them live their own life cause how do u know if it happens 2 u then some1 comes and judges u:)

  7. MPD is serious. If Nicki has it, i think she should be commended fast before it becomes very very serious!! ( i mean she can even kill herself)!!! But i love her even more…because she was so courageous to come out clean!!!!! Loolz lav ya Nicki!!!


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