Angels Don’t Play this HAARP

Haarp Begich Manning

I found a PDF version of Angels Don’t Play this Haarp on torrent. If you would like a hard copy version of the book please visit Dr. Nick Begich’s site Earth Pulse.

The movie version is here on youtube. The real truth of the weapon’s ultimate purpose is that it is a weapon for mind control, hence the name HAARP. Like biblical angels the US Government can control the mood of the nation by pumping in music like Justin Bieber to keep the masses sedated and complacent. With this weapon election results are assured since campaign music can be piped into people’s heads.

Watch this video of Jesse Ventura having music HAARPed into his skull. Scary stuff.

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13 thoughts on “Angels Don’t Play this HAARP

  1. Can you not see this is a Jewish weapon? Just like David’s harp we Jews control the thoughts of the goyim through our chosen music. With this weapon our world victory is assured. WIN for God’s chosen people.

  2. When Bill Goldberg was wrestling champion we God’s chosen would pipe in the audience chanting, “GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG!” It didn’t matter that they goyim didn’t actually chant his name.

  3. How am I going to get a girlfriend when I go to high school if Justin Bieber is being played in all the girl’s heads? I want a Mexican girlfriend like Selena Gomez.

  4. Don’t you get it Paco? Selena is for the boys and Justin Bieber is for the girls. All your high school relationships are headed for destruction.

  5. WIN for God’s chosen. We have been trying to lower the population by destroying family values for a long time. It was a double WIN when the divorcing couple would hire one of our chosen lawyers. If high school sweethearts are broken up there will be less goyim children. WIN for the Jews and WIN for the environment.

  6. FISHMAN! U cum U pay. Those are the rules. Don’t make me pull out another gold tooth FISHMAN!

    Why you Jews always planning this depopulation poop? Africa has enough food and resources for alot more people but U cracker Jew devils want to take all our minerals for yourselves. Iridium is a big mineral u devils want from the black man.

  7. It’s not about winning or losing Fishman. It’s how you…I forgot. Let me finish smokin’ this joint and I’ll figure out what I wuz trying to say.


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