Madonna Serenades Climate Change Savior David

Madonna Hey You

Madonna serenaded her climate change messiah David De Rothschild in July 2007 at the 777 concert. Let’s look at the lyrics to “Hey Dave”:

“Hey Dave”

Hey, Dave, don’t you give up
Your light bulb’s the best
don’t give the phoebus cartel any rest

Hey, Dave,
Don’t make us cry
don’t let the polar bears die

Keep it together, you’ll make sheckels alright
77 rothschild swindles tonight
doctors and lawyers envy what we bankers do
usury is good for you

Hey, Dave, open your wallet
Give me some change
when i clean the windshield on your range

Hey, you, remember this
Fiat money ain’t real it’s only worth the way you feel

Come to Dave’s Yuletide orgy you’ll feel alright
Bunga Bunga with Berlusconi is going on tonight
Strauss Kahn envies what we do
yeah dave orgies are good, hey dave

David’s a troll, little sister
Save your sheckels, little brother

Hey, Jew, save yourself
Don’t rely on anyone else

David De Rothschild


David de Rothschild with children who love him and his bulb. We should keep praying to our Climate change savior for some new kind of coal or nukes. Never mind the Tesla poop. Where the frack you gonna put the meter if it’s free like radio? So frack it right Dave? Get Energy Minister Moniz to build some more nuke reactors on fault lines according to your grand architect plan. Diablo Canyon reactor is gonna make California glow like the stars in the sky one day bro. Thanks for saving the world David De Rothschild. I am eternally grateful to you and your swindle. Thanks to your bulb antarctic sea ice stopped retreating. Had I not worn a sweater all coastal cities would be flooded right now. So thank you again for saving the world bro. No wonder those kids love you.

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12 thoughts on “Madonna Serenades Climate Change Savior David

  1. Hitler always took pictures with children. Alex Jones does a piece on Obama’s pictures with children. Children hate Trudeau for some reason. lot’s of crying kids who won’t high five.

  2. Farrah should learn about keeping it in the dynasty. My brother hates talking about Nelly. Farrah hates talking about me. Y NOT 2003 euro. joseph coelho was gonna pay form my ticket but him and his fiance had the same dream of bombs going off if we went to euro 2004. joseph coelho the crap wingman was the one who said nelly was smelly in 1989. kept calling her BO. i loved the working girl motel smell. if only she didn’t wear that stupid perfume in 2013 i could of caught a wiff and been transported back to childhood. oo that smell. can you smell that smell? We got that song cuz of joseph coelho. and radar love because of david antunes messiah complex at lion’s gate hospital in 2001 after 9/11 when i told her i was checking in for PTSD

  3. i told her i had a fiance on the forum and i wasn’t gonna marry her in 2001. then i proposed on 9/12. let her read the revelation so far. she wasn’t impressed. you don’t scare me like sgt hartman. work on it. so i developed the war face. rev 9 war is scariest. hermit the frog. u gotta kiss hermit the frog to get his terrabyte of mp3s. 75,000 mp3s nelly. i only had about 10 cassettes in 1989 and you were so in to the dj

  4. jasper is father but i am the godfather bird. I posted that baby picture with the rolling stones lyrics because i wasn’t gonna marry a virgin. not after 2000 virgin disaster u created. no virgin suicide

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  7. u are an eloquent speaker jo zo. y r u scared to speak wearing glasses? the crowd is judging your face right? When you see their faces with your glasses you can tell they don’t think you’re speech is eloquent. the men are visual creatures. they love hitler hand gestures. get hypnotized by it. girls get hypnotized by the voice. vin diesel voice booms on screen. Your voice is only baritone when you sing like eddie vedder

  8. psalm 32 star. Hitler had picture with kids before night of the long knives. I never said n word in stars prescence. but star is half white half black part native. so instead of king solomon cut in half we are gonna have to cut her into three pieces to see who she belongs to. that’s what seinfeld postal worker would do. Go on strike newman. perry on 13th wants to go on strike. gonna go postal

  9. Starr from compasion club. not celebrity star. i have conflict with starr the receptionist over her damaged leg. she prays everday for it to grow back like gordon gekko’s tail

  10. congratulations indians compassion starr belongs to you. white power said divide. black power said divide. but indians said. THE INDIANS WIN IT. THE INDIANS WIN IT!

    kangkine knows the rest. ur all illuminati rex’s. all 144,000 for regina mundi and rex mundi


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