Illuminati Analysis of Ariana Grande’s “Into You”

Ariana Grande Fish Bowl

Ariana is into my fish fetish. This is us on our honeymoon. She knows I am from the real tribe of Judah through Emperor Selassie not this blonde Ashkenazi movie star Jew in the movie business surrounded by paparazzo. Through my mother’s Ethiopian side. Ariana Grande means Great Aryan. I know what’s going on Blunden. U know who u are Blunden. U know I am this Aryan girl’s bodyguard. U better stop selling those underage pics to your friends in B’aad B’reath lodge Blundy. Get your fatass off the computer. You’ve been on the computer since the 80’s eating cheetos. Erase that poop blunden. Even Arvid settled down with Simone and he was omega revenge of the nerds.

Ariana Jimmy Johnson Ace

Joe had that African colored friend he grew up with that was in Tom Cruise’s kraft dinner army Aryana. That’s why u r calling him Slavicus Ice at the Ice machine. He was an angry nintendo nerd ace pilot on top gun. Tom Cruise was just playing with joystick pretending. Joe landed drone pilot of the future plane on impossible top gun game angry nintendo nerd hates. Ace of Spades is the death card Charlie Sheen fears. Let’s Charlie know who did this. what happened in Dallas? Angry Liberians happened like Prince Johnson and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. RIP cousin Micah X Johnson. U will be missed.

Ariana is fantasizing about riding with Jimmy on his BMW bike. Let’s take Forrester’s theory further. BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Werks. Bavarian Illuminati like John Kerry Heinz Kissinger ketchup. Jimmy ain’t no fool. Everyone’s seen the Jimmy on Seinfeld. Don’t want to destroy Ariana’s illusion. I’m gonna make peace with Derek Vinyard Ariana cuz I am a peacemaker. Peace with all these kwaps putting my African brothers and sisters in Gulag. Lady Justice maybe blindfolded but once she hears the truth in her own ear like 2013 money’s two biggest prophets and their crooked pyramid scheme will fall like V for Vendetta dominoes. Bellini is good drink for cancer but lately california wine has been poisoned. Peach nectar is a cancer fighter.


Giant Aryan girl has crush on one drop rule black man. She iz into Kabbalah, the devil and voodoo. Is America gonna take the race bait ariana? Turn into Yugoslavia? Does this post explain your video? U want to know if i’m just animal crackers or if this really is Charlie Manson Helter Skelter Armageddon don’t you? California has one year of water left. Joe assures me Cruise isn’t heterosexually challenged and he doesn’t shove fish in his ass. Scream “That’s impossible!” like luke vs vader then search your feelings. Do you really think Zohan could get the fish out of his ass? One way like road spikes Ariana. Fish are just relaxing. The water. Cruise is used to an audience of only Fish in his Saved by the Bell Clark Park attic. That’s why Miscagive says cruise’s fetish is sick while his bunga bunga orgy fetish isn’t. Everything is Britney Spears Brave New Girl like you Ariana. I’ll bully Blunden to erase your underage pics. One day a hacker will get into the Head of the Class computer and dennis will fall like bernie madoff. Mark My words.


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32 thoughts on “Illuminati Analysis of Ariana Grande’s “Into You”

  1. scales on the fish make zohan movie impossible. that fish would of been stuck in your ass and you would have to see a proctologist for surgery. zohan is bullshit

  2. i buy cubs hat cubs win world series. i wear pos green bay packers haitian shirt and they win superbowl. i’ve turned into jake green of the sports betting world

  3. i wanted nelly furtado to bet on white sox after shoeless joe story. when they broke the curse in 2005. she’s never afraid to make a big bet after 2007 short selling tip suze orman never reveals. That Max Payne video of victoria and the miracles post should of got her chop chops that 18:1 roulette wheel hit. imagine turning gaddafi’s million into 18 in a month. as soon as she saw the orange advertising she should of known she was gonna get white knighted by the hooligans.

  4. if nelly wore that croatia jersey in 2018 our poor saps could get that big hit on the wheel of fortune. that’s the only way to get the juju. gotta get that juju where someone says it’s croatia’s third attempt at conquering russia

  5. i teach ariana cure for scurvy. indian cure for scurvy is pine needles. english cure is limes that are expensive. that’s why people who eat pine needles for scurvy are called poor saps. cuz it doesn’t taste good to cure yourself like a lime on curacao

  6. Cruise is part bat and part fish. Whatever he hears he remembers. Heroin Junkie Hoffman keeps bragging about his truman capote photographic memory. U try remembering your lines with a cassette. That’s how cruise learned to remember. He remembers everything he hears. you should be 16 year old reading level cruise. ready to read outsiders the book and old man and the sea. I can write on this weed but short term memory is shot. People are talking about when you lived in van in the 80’s cruise. I’m gonna go on the open mike and tell them your secrets at the cafe. all smallville celebrity secrets

  7. You really think Dr. Fishman and his cousin take fish scales out of John Travolta’s asshole and do reconstructive surgery? Do you know what a red herring is aryan girl? any critical thinking skills? Maybe Travolta put a lion fish in his ass with poisonous tentacles? it’s a lie to distract you. that’s what red herrings are in critical thinking. . fish scales go one way. i’ve seen a bottle of teen spirit in someone’s ass but a fish is mission impossible understand? I just hated katie holmes for making fishbowl pay ten million for surrey. What a gold digger. She is just like the giver zombie mother.

    how about a giant swordfish like old man in the sea? would that fit in travolta’s ass? How about an orca. if i told you travolta and cruise were putting orca’s in their ass would you believe it? So why do you believe simpsons cartoon that he makes loves to the fishes? Fish are his audience when he is in zach morris attic memorizing his lines

  8. Y is my opinion always the opposite of this bird and her less bright sister? Y am i for the death penalty while she is against it? in her sense of justice the world is so stupid they form a lynch mob and lynch her and me. that’s why she sings all good things so that they could die. U and chris martin r the two witnessess prophecying for 1260 days. are you dead yet? u sang song 10 years ago. u counting the days since your prophecy of dogs dying barking at the moon? trial of the millenium is 1260 days. in 2020 judgement. david rockefeller will be 105 just like mr. burns. jacob rothschild will hide in britain that brexited to protect him from euro justice. jacob rothschild will never set foot in the land of the gun again unless he is on trial by forrest gump and jesse ventura in washington district of columbia. this is british columbia. cia south america colombia deals the cocaine that makes bush such a bright leader

  9. the wall between us is jasper. REV 21:18 The wall was constructed of jasper. that’s his daughter on the III percent flag that breaks the curse. trump wall of jasper’s daughter who hasn’t turned 13 yet

  10. i gave lourdes dollar bill but mother was too dumb to look at it. what do i need a dollar for? i’m a billionaire the broad said. now she thinks nuke is gonna go off 6 years later. terrorizing with doomsday that never comes and is never left in the past. 1999 prince says doomsday. false. y2j false. w 911 2001 true 2010 arnold false 2012 melvin gibson false. nelly fatima 2013 false. all false prophets only joe is true now that madonna made ghost town in 2015. let’s wait for that nuke with madonna. suck on our thumbs and cry to mommy

  11. cruise has been saying for 30 years to cybill sheperd that the marine life is gonna die. luckily i am a marine biologist. look at the coral reefs ron paul. it’s happening

  12. hollywood was better when jews owned the studios and not umbrella corp. all the studios care about is returns to the stockholders. let’s see why movies suck. eyes wide shut was the last good movie. let’s see why the movies suck. only mel is making good movies

  13. r u joseph coelho investor potato potato? Investing in canadian dollar backed by loony birds playing monopoly in PAU? Or are u lady jaye investor investing in swiss francs? joseph coelho never took my tip on the swiss francs. put his money in the canadian dollar. i showed him the triple bottom on the graph but to many blows to to the head from dad’s belt and that fall down the lighthouse that giant concussion he suffered made him a poor listener

  14. joseph coelho is such a bully. i know u hate him. so that’s why i couldn’t come to euro 2004 with the big heart. w would of ended the party with his king of terror nostradamus poop. u wanted to see them cry. that was during apocalyptic forest fires in both our countries. california was burning too. the burning started in 1998. that was the hottest summer ever in history according to al gore

  15. paulo coelho is mk’d. he has the butterfly tattoo. y were our parents so cruel to us? Joe coelho’s dad with the belt when his tv show is interuppted. the metal part of the belt. my dad ned never used the metal part. it was my mom during dynasty with coffee machine cord that gave me the PTSD

  16. it’s not our fault we steal. it’s rothschild’s swindle that makes us steal. this neighborhood was mr. rogers neighborhood back in 1985. look at it now. roving beggars. dirty needles

  17. do u understand the concept? data mining? getting minors to break the law for the mafia like henry hill. miners. minors. mine mine mine. U still can’t buy nelly furtado memory stick. still on cassette like verner von braun poop rockets. that’s why i stole your fracking music

  18. my brother wants me to be a lawyer so bad. i put psalm 2049 as end of trial and punishments handed out. but we could break that curse if u were a son of jesse and helped me write out the war crimes trial on writerduet. i’m gonna buy it right now.

  19. Joe can’t make anything without new computer. one that will work for at least 5 years. so leave him alone. donate some sheckels if u want him to save the world from these shitlib NPD celebrities licking billary’s muff. gilbert grape vs tesla to save the erf from perpetual retardation and war

  20. stop talking about your bird and pay attention to the aryan. i’ll look up that peach bellini recipe the should of served to children in sarajevo. children in sarajevo always watched brandon walsh at the peach pit on beverly hills 90210. i can finally read my cocktail recipees now that me and my wingman are “inverted”

    Bellini Cocktail recipe
    229 votes

    Scan me to take me with you What is this?
    serve in
    White Wine Glass
    print this drink recipe save this drink recipe comment on this drink recipe
    Scale ingredients to
    servings Go
    2 oz peach nectar
    1 tspfresh lemon juice
    1 oz peach schnapps
    3 ozchilled, dry Champagne
    1/2 cup crushed ice

    Mix the peach nectar, lemon juice and schnapps in a chilled glass. Add half a cup (or more) of crushed ice, stir, and add the champagne. (Serves 2).

    May be prepared in a blender to produce a frozen drink.

    Read more: Bellini Cocktail recipe


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