Julia Roberts MK’d

Julia Roberts

I remember reading in my mom’s tabloid that Julia Roberts was abused by her father. She had a falling out with her brother Eric Roberts over it. If she was sexually abused she is a prime candidate for MK-Ultra. Is Julia Roberts MK’d? Her shirt tells me YES!

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One thought on “Julia Roberts MK’d

  1. Dear Joe, I am one who believes there is a secret government, aka the Illuminati, and that all other cult/occult type groups are being run by it. I also believe that time for all humans is getting very, very short indeed. These groups were not accidentally thrown together,nor merely started without a clear and concise plan of action. Yes, these people each began their gatherings with the expressed hope that the future held a place for them.
    I have been researching the whole “brainwashing, secret government experiments thing” for the last three years. I started looking into this area when Pat Robertson said those terrible remarks about how the Hatian’s deserved what happened to them. His words shocked, and angered me. And with one click, I found another article and more of Robertson’s nasty remarks. Then I just started reading article after article about him from many different site’s to make sure I had a wide variety of opinions/views. Then I began researching other individuals that I had admired, and one article led to another, and before I knew it I had become one of “those people”. You know, the crazy conspiracy nuts. But, in all honesty, I don’t consider myself a “conspiracy theorist”. Rather, I’d call myself “a christian woman who is completely devoted, and deicated to truthfinding-whatever it may, or may not be.” Simply put, a “truth seeker”. I cannot go back to sticking my head in the sand. Yes, ignorance is pure bliss, and at a certain part of my life I actually preferred this “bliss” over reality. I wanted the lies, because then I didn’t have to face my life, as well as the world around me. But once I found the truth, it brought me power and control, because I knew what to expect,what I should be doing, and how I should be doing it.
    I guess the reason I am responding to this post, is because I felt concerned about how you came to the conclusion that Julia was MKUltra”d. It’s truly scary how many celebrities are involved in this sick, and disgusting program.But can we really judge that she is in this because of her blouse?Yes, it has on it’s pattern the all seeing eye in the triangle,a serpent, and it looks like a hand with an eye on it, which looks very, very Illuminati, and very creepy. Yet, as I observe her blouse, I can see why she bought it. Personally, I love the cut, the look of the material,and the colors in the pattern are fantastic! If it did not have those ugly symbols on it I would buy it too! From a woman’s point of view, maybe she just liked the way it looked, and wasn’t really thinking of the New Age blasphemies. I can’t tell you how many weird clothes I have bought throughout the years-stuff that I didn’t think about but just loved the look, with weird things and patterns that I’d never would buy today.
    But my point is, we have to be careful who we say is Illuminati/MK”D. Because I know for certain that not all women wearing animal prints,etc. are MKUltra slaves,or spys. Some women who don’t even know of these issues wear whatever is fashionable, and if shirts with eyes all over them were fashionable-they’d be the first to buy them. You know? I believe with some celebrities the assumption is pretty evident by the way they live, the kind of movies they direct, or star in, the kind of music they make, the images, and pictures they portray in their music videos,tatoos, the churches they attend(ex: Scientology,etc.),and by those things mention ed- the clothes they wear would then seem to confirm the diagnosis of brainwashing/MKUltra’d.
    I am sorry for such a long winded response. It just seems to be getting weirder, and weirder with the Illuminati things, and now everytime I see a girl/woman wearing certain images (butterflies,rainbows,etc.), I tend to think “ILLUMINATI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They are everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a very frightening, but exciting time to be alive. Our time is short. The Bible makes it crystal clear that their will be an anti-christ who steps in out of chaos ensued, and takes over the world and unites it with world peace. And the only way to achieve this w.p. is through the uniting of everything from every country, and from every person. Satan is clever, and knows what he is doing. But he also knows that he does not win. In the end, God wins. God,through His Son Jesus, makes a way for us to be forgiven, so we can turn to Him in these times and have hope.
    The end times will happen-read Revelations, and let the Lord Jesus into your heart, because He protects those whom He loves. And there is so much hope, and eternal life through Him. I pray Julia is not into the Illuminati.(I have a sick feeling that she is. After all, she is close to Oprah,who has started an antichrist church with literally millions of followers. And Julia has been a guest on her show many times. Julia needs our prayers to get out-alive.
    I’ll stop now!!!Goodnight!


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