Is Prince Harry a Bastard?

Harry Hewitt

Anyone think Prince Harry Looks like Major Charles Hewitt? Must be a fracking coincidence.

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11 thoughts on “Is Prince Harry a Bastard?

  1. I normally think of gossip like this as bull poop, and Prince Charles is a bit strange looking himself.

    But DAMN!!! Might be something to this one!

  2. prince harry looks like his uncle earl spencer. and thats a terriable thing to call a person a bastard. his mother was a good women . i don’t beleive anything they say about diana she was a angle and her boy are good boys, i wish them every happaness . and most of all wiilaim and his beautiful wife kate .xxx

  3. it really doesnt matter what prince harry is, hes a prince, one, and hes eich as hell two. i dont think he cares what anyone thinks of him, and we shouldnt waste our time caring either.

  4. Harry is a red haired step child. I’m suprised Charles didn’t beat him or pour scalding water on him as child.

  5. I see a lot of people here need to use their spell check before posting. I think both Will and Harry are nice looking. Will looks exactly like his mother, and Harry looks exactly like his Uncle Earl Spencer (Diana’s brother)

  6. I am a consultant pathologist and I can say quite catagorically that Prince Harry’s skull shape, features, colouring and most importantly, hair and hairline, make it quite impossible for him to be the natural son of the Prince of Wales. However, his resemblance to Hewitt is very striking and their very sirimilar facial characteristics reinforces my belief that the two are closely related. Another strong pointer is their very similar gait, or walk, which is hard to disguise. I believe that the physical divergency between Harry and Willam will become more apparent as they age and hair loss becomes more pronounced. I am suprised that with Charles, William and Harry’s military links that conclusive haemotological proof about the relationship hasn’t already emerged.

  7. Well consultant pathologist Harry has inhereted his fathers ears for a start, not quite as big but the shape and inward curve, as well as his dads hair line.

    He looks like his uncle Earl Charles Spencer but the thing about conspiracy theories is that even when you prove them wrong the evidence is dismissed as a conspiracy.

  8. Oh my god,for all you saying he looks like prince of wales—-specsavers trip maybe????
    Just silly royalists that want to believe that’s the truth!!
    He is near on hewitts twin!!!
    Come on everyone open your eyes!!!
    The royals all know it but aren’t allowed to talk about it!!!
    The above photo is near on identical!!!


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