Frank Sinatra and the Church of Satan

Frank Sinatra

1966 Anton LaVey. Founded the Church of Satan, and was into Satanism before the 1960’s. Good friend of John F. Kennedy. Among his followers were, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, (was a participant in LaVey’s satanic rituals before LaVey founded his Church of Satan), Jane Mansfield, (was a high priestess of the Church of Satan), and Zsa Zsa Gabor( has been interested for years in the occult), which were ALSO girlfriends of Anton LaVey. Kennedy also had long term sexual relationships with these women. It is those relationships which reveal so much about the hidden Satanic side of the Kennedy’s. Marilyn Monroe Both JFK and his brother Robert Kennedy had affairs going with Marilyn Monroe, and both visited her just prior to her mysterious death.

Was Frank Sinatra a “slave handler” for mind control victims?

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6 thoughts on “Frank Sinatra and the Church of Satan

  1. Can you please do an extensive piece on Frank Sinatra and his connections with Jews, Freemasons, and the Mafia.

  2. When you say Kennedy also had long term sexual relationships with these women”, you are misleading or misinformed. Although Kennedy had many affairs, Gabor and Mansfield were not tow of them. Monroe was!

    I read the book “Thanks for the Memories” and definitely Bob Hope and Henry Kissinger were handlers and using women and children for sex slaves, but Sinatra was portrayed in the book as a recipient of such services, and not really one to “handle” them. Sinatra is also portrayed as having been very brutal to his “slaves”, which fits in with every story anyone has ever told about Sinatra’s rage and vindictiveness. Those who surrounded him were more afraid of him and his vengeance than they loved him.

  3. How can one say that there is no such thing as God, or satan, only to turn around and say there is a such thing, but that they are ideas conjured up by people, then turn around and say that they, themselves are god?

  4. After a long back and forth between Holt and two high level clergy in the Church of Satan, the two Satanists agreed to speak as official representatives of the church.


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