Fefe Dobson is Possessed

Fefe Dobson Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was under the care of our chosen psychiatrists. She met a tragic end.

Fefe Dobson Psych Pills

She took an overdose of our chosen pills. Instead of giving the mentally ill healthy food and vitamins we drug them into a zombie like stupor. Dr. Abram Hoffer cured mental illness with b vitamins in the 50’s. Dr. Hoffer is one of God’s chosen like me. I’m here to tell you all the secrets of our medical swindle. Psychiatry is our biggest scam.

Fefe Dobson Kurt Cobain

Fefe is possessed by the ghost of Kurt No Brains. Kurt no brains was the chosen grunge savior of the 90’s. Kurt had a problem being the voice of a generation. He met a tragic end. Our chosen psychiatrists tortured Kurt with quack medications until he killed himself. He sings a song called Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle. Frances Farmer was raped and lobotomized by our chosen quack doctors.

Jacko Fefe Dobson

Fefe is possessed by the ghost of Jacko. Jacko’s father used to sell his behind to the highest bidder in the 70’s. Jacko became a monster to children because of his abuse. He molested little Mac and Corey Feldman as they played Pacman at Neverland. Jacko was well aware of our chosen plans for world domination. When David De Rothschild rules over the goyim from the world capital in Jerusalem it will be the end of the age of the goy. I can’t wait! I can’t stop rubbing my hands together in anticipation.

Fefe Dobson Amy Winehouse

This is the only sad part of the video. Amy Winehouse was one of God’s chosen. Our chosen field of psychiatry is killing our own chosen children. Amy’s ghost is speaking to us from the grave. Orthomolecular medicine could have saved her. Rest in Peace Amy. You are in heaven now with Hashem and his angels.


Psychiatry will not survive in it’s current form in the world to come. There will be Tikkun Olam in the New World Order. Israel needs Hoffer’s treatment for mental illness. David De Rothschild is a Naturopathic doctor. He will bind the wounds of Israel. When the world comes together under the Red Shield of Moshiach ben David there will be dancing in the streets.

David De Rothschild

One world. One currency. One leader. David De Rothschild.

Shalom Dr. F

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6 thoughts on “Fefe Dobson is Possessed

  1. I will never accept David de Rothschild as my savior. His family is nothing but a 200 year pyramid scheme. When it collapses there will be heartbreak for all those investors.

  2. My Tia died from cancer. I’m scared of child protective services. I have to get rid of the body before the apartment starts smelling. If i don’t report her death i won’t have to go into a foster home.

  3. I gave her a last lucky strike and she died in my arms. Her doctor gave her chemo and zapped her with a big machine. Dios! What am I gonna do?


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