Demi Lovato Cutting Herself

Demi Lovato Cutting Herself

Q: Why Do People Self-Injure?

A: This problem is not completely understood by health care professionals or psychologists. It seems to be most common among people who have been sexually abused as children, molested as children, or by survivors of incest.

Evidence of her abuse/programming comes from her wrist-cutting, appropriately seen at Miley Cyrus’ Sweet 16 in Disneyland (click name for more on her + I’ve got a lot to cover in a post coming up on her obviously), who is of course Monarch Disney Slave numero uno (by far the most blatant; like Demi she is also the product of Country Music Monarch genes [her father Billy Ray, see Miley Cyrus link]). In Barney her character was called ‘Angela’, Angelina Jolie also self-harmed (symptom of the sexual abuse from her pedophile father Jon Voight) and Drew Barrymore (just recently covered); I think it is likely that many of these Hollywood and Disney stars “self-harm” because they do not remember just how severe/traumatic the abuse they suffered as children really was (at the hands of their parents, often this abuse is sexual/incestuous), so in losing ‘parts’ of their self (dissociated memories; and the extreme of splits in the mind that can be programmed with great care to be specific types of alter-personalities), this self-harming is probably a way of ‘feeling’ what they lost in these traumatic dissociative periods (their subconscious trying to remind them of/make them remember the trauma they’ve forgotten [dissociated parts of their mind/whole identity] by causing them to traumatize themselves).

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10 thoughts on “Demi Lovato Cutting Herself

  1. Yes she has a lot of suicidal programming built into her, she is actually a high class mind control sex slave
    Check out my Disney deception series on my website and on youtube I explain her programming in detailI.
    I learned about how Demi was programmed from’s ”Disney’s programmed princesses Selena and Demi” Now the guy who runs that blog ”Ben Singleton” is an ass but I only care about the information that is of value that he puts out.

  2. whats your website called??@ donny and omw i love demi lovato and jonas brothers.. but how could they be apart of this if demi and joe were spotted walking to church??

  3. Cutting is understood by phycologist what ru talking about. And not all cutters are victoms of molestation I use to cut and was never molested. Cutting have been around for centuries its even mentioned in the bible. You cut to release emotional pain or distress’s for a moment it takes away your pain as your inner tormement is manifested on your body through cutting. Just because she cuts that doesn’t make her an mk slave, a clue though yes.

  4. And what do you mean she has a lot of suicidal programing built into her? Being a cutter does not automatically make you suicidal. And all of the mk ultra slaves are programed to commit suicide once the flash backs start to surface and they start to remeber how the illuminati abused them. If you want to know about mkultra google kathleen Sulivan who will explain a lot more of what you clearly do not know.

  5. Demi Lovato just broke her leg on a “slippery floor”. She seems to be remembering the trauma inflicted. She was probably pushed by her handler.

  6. hey check out demi lovato and selena quintanilla, secret celebrity breeding program

  7. her new song “warrior” doesn’t mention sexual abuse but it definitely occurs to me she’s talking about growing up way to fast as a result of an abusive father

  8. someone said that her ankle injury is her handler beating her, or pushing her down. not likely. demi is extremely clumsy and falls all the time in heels, if you want you can see collection of videos online of her falling down. she said she’d stop wearing them but that was silly to say that because all women always feel they need to wear heels.

  9. Thanks for this post 18 years I been a fan of Selena only to realize I’m loving a lie. I am trying to find hard core evidence she was a satanist. I even plaYed I could fall in love back wards, and heard some next s@$^!!!. Gosh, this is so heart breaking. But I love Jesus more! He is the truth!!! And the only way to heaven.


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