Bush’s Tiddlywinks

Bush Illuminati Pyramid

By Fritz Springmeier

June 9, 2001

Some people may disagree with my information. That is their choice, but I hope that even if they disagree with me, that my words will encourage readers to become better critical thinkers toward the establishment media’s pure propaganda. From insiders, I am aware that George Bush senior has a look alike, which they used during his presidency to allow him to escape off the record from his appointments. This look-alike liked sex, but was not a pedophile, so this double of Bush was rather uneasy when he heard reports that the real President, who he pretended on occasions to be, was a pedophile. By the way, George Bush, Sr. likes to get his picture taken with kids on his lap, as if he is almost a Christ figure that kids love. An example of this was in the Scottish Rite’s Journal. It’s enough to make me want to puke knowing he is addicted to pedophilia.

The first night that George Bush, Sr. was in the White House (1/20/89) as President, he was reported “lost…trying to find a couple of kid’s rooms.” (Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, 1/24/89) George Bush, Sr. as President had a routine of going to Camp David for his weekends. The Christian Science Monitor reported early in his presidency that he played tiddlywinks at Camp David to relax. My reaction to the tiddlywinks’ reports by the establishment media is this: “Do they think we are that gullible? These elitists must get a big laugh at the common person’s gullibility.” The President went to the seclusion of Camp David almost every weekend so he could play tiddlywinks, yeah right! On day 16 of his Presidency, Bush went to Camp David. When the next weekend came around, many of Bush’s appointments were still unfilled and Bush was quoted in the NYT as saying “I’d like to see if we can’t speed the system [of appointments] up.” Two weeks later at Camp David, the President tells a NY Times reporter, “I’m an Oyster Bay kind of guy. Maybe I’ll turn out to be Teddy Roosevelt.” Easter weekend, Saturday, 3/25/99, finds Bush at Camp David with Country singer Lee Greenwood.

Lee Greenwood is part of the normal Nashville Country music crowd, which I have exposed repeatedly, even if he does sing “God Bless America” to George Bush. On May 26, 89, George Bush, Sr. went to Europe, where he stops at Italy and spends time with the Pope, and then heads for Brussels. On June 2, ’89, he leaves Europe and heads for Kennebunkport, ME to vacation. Why does Bush spend a day visiting the Pope and two days in Brussels? Of all the major European cities, why so much emphasis on Brussels? If one believes in a globalist agenda for a New World Order, the Pope and Brussels are very important. Otherwise one has to wonder of all the real statesmen and real capitals Bush could visit, why the Pope and Brussels?

As Bush’s presidency passed the 200-day mark, his weekend visits to Camp David continued on their established routine. He also continued as well the occasional vacations to Maine. He established this routine from the start of his presidency. His vacation on Thurs. August 17, 1989, merits a look. On Friday he was reported playing horseshoes, Saturday he was boating, Sunday (8/20/89) it was golf, the next day cribbage, the next day was softball, the next day (Weds. 8/23) was tennis, the next day was jogging, and on Friday we are told he was running, golfing, playing softball, tennis, and boating. (If he actually did this Friday, he had an active day for a 65 year old man.) The next day Sat. 8/26/89 was reportedly spent fishing, and then on Sunday he reportedly cancelled his golf to fish again. On Monday (8/28), he was reported fishing again. My question is, what really happened on these days? For those who want to track the Illuminati, they have a great Fire Festival Sabbat on August 24. Isis, Hecate and Diana are also worshipped in August, as well as the Assumption of the Mary Goddess on August 15.

I don’t know if Bush was participating in the Illuminati’s great August 24th ritual. However, I do have a real hard time believing the establishment media’s stories of two weeks of horse shoes, jogging, softball, tennis, etc. My question is what really went on during this vacation time? For all of our illusions about close scrutiny, our Presidents pretty much do what they want, and we the people really don’t have a good or accurate idea of what they do. Like our government in general, accountability is being lost. Insiders talk about how government leaders can slip nefarious activities into their schedules, so that (seemingly) even above board accounts of their daily activities can hide a great deal. While Clinton was on the phone to a Senator, his pants were down and Monica Lewinsky was on her knees.

Personally my conscience would bother me taking off for long holidays if the fate of millions of Americans were controlled by my leadership. I know that the companies I have worked for, and the military did not permit me to goof off like this. In 1991, how inspiring was it for American soldiers, who were sent to bake and possibly die in 115 degree plus desert conditions, when they saw their Commander-in-chief Bush making decisions from the golf course on the course of the Gulf War? Still, I’m not convinced Bush was playing tiddlywinks all the times the press tells us he was. Either way, over the many decades, rear echelon leaders have earned the acronym used by American grunts during several wars “REMFs”. Was George Bush, Sr. really playing tiddlywinks like the establishment media kept reporting, (telling us such news scoops as his mother was a great tiddlywinks player that really challenged him), or was something else going on? And if something else was going on, why all the secrecy?

One of George Bush, Sr.’s first acts as President was an executive decree that limited disclosures of his activities while he was Vice President (see LA Times, 1/29/89). There were certainly things that happened while Bush was Vice President that would be embarrassing to him, for instance, when CIA agent Richard Brenneke called Vice-president Bush’s chief of staff about finding cocaine in boxes shipped through Mena, and was warned to mind his own business. When Bill Clinton became President he began fighting to have the White House computer tapes from the Bush-Reagan years destroyed. On Sat. June 9, 2001, (the very day I write this) the NY Times reported that the new president George Bush, Jr. is delaying the release of thousands of pages of presidential records that by law were to have been released on Jan. 21 under the Presidential Records Act. These records by law were to be released after 12 years. His father was Vice-president during the time of these records. So again I ask, why all the lies and secrecy if what these leaders do is legitimate? What do we really know about what our Presidents do, and who they are?

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3 thoughts on “Bush’s Tiddlywinks

  1. Hey, you really saved me a boat load of time with all the information you have on this website. I found exactly what I was looking for I really appreciate it

  2. GHWB or George Scherf, Jr. is not the one you should be watching. although you should be watching Bush drug trafficking.

    It makes sense US is in Afghanistan which supplies 90% of the world’s heroin. Let’s not forget US is in Afghanistan to contol undeveloped minerals, lithium, gold, etc. [Obama has pushed the small GM Volt for $40K–I bought my first car for $3K–ship lithium to China to make cheap batteries for cars & sell them in the US for 100 times what it cost to manufacture them], in addition to poppies.

    You should be watching Barbara Bush, 1/2 sister of witch Ann Cappelletti. Barb & Ann, witch daughters of Aleister Crowley, conceived w sex tantra (magick) with her mother Pauline Pierce, 6th degree OTO in 1924 w Aleister Crowley in Paris. Links are listed:


    Ann got together w Barb Bush in 1970s to offer her knowledge of THE CRAFT to put the witch Bushes in the WH. Once Barb saw John Cappelletti (the spitting image of young Aleister Crowley), she knew immediately that Ann was her lost sister. Google pics of young Crowley & compare them to young pics of John & Michael Cappelletti. Ann put the hoodoo spell/curse of john the conqueror root on John in utero to make him the family cash cow. Michael Cappelletti is another occult/witch story that I will not go into but he used his knowledge of the CRAFT to hook up w the Ameche’s another Strega witch family.

    Ann Cappelletti’s mother was one of many 20 yr old Sicilian girls lured to Abbey of Thelema by Crowley disciples w money in 1923-24 [before Crowley was deported from Sicily by Mussolini for killing a man who drank putrid cat blood in a blood sacrifice ritual] to have sex tantra w Aleister Crowley to procreate the antichrist. Crowley’s “Moon Child” tells his desire to procreate the antichrist.

    Ann’s mother sailed to So. Philadelphia after Ann’s birth & found a Bianchi to marry (with or w/o a spell). So. Phila was a community of Sicilian STREGA witches who taught Ann as she grew all of their curses/spells. Google pics of young Aleister Crowley & compare them to pics of young John Cappelletti, Michael Cappelletti looks even more like 666 Crowley. See, Lashtal.com to read press clippings from early in Crowley’s life. You can also view, pics of Crowley followers. Yeats is just one.

    Barbara Bush is the daughter of Crowley & is the one that neopagan, neocons & neoliberals, along with her 1/2 sister, she & Ann were sought to lead the occultists, masons, kabbalists, satanists & witches in the US govt to fulfill the occult mission & prophecy: to make men less than elitists subhumans (in their opinion), serfs and lead a rebellions to defeat Almighty God, Our Father, to takeover the world for lucifer/satan, their master.

    Pauline Pierce, 6th degree OTO sought out sex w Crowley to conceive the antichrist, Barb was born. Pauline brokered the marriage of witch Barb & adopted Nazi son, George w Prescott Bush. If you don’t know about his money laundering for the Nazi’s, do some research. The answers are out there if you know for what to look. Bush Nazi connection:


    HAARP generated earthquakes.

    Cappelletti’s homebase is in Upper Darby, PA, 56 So. Madison Ave, where witch Ann had several miniature sites to generate curses on people: a car crash track, miniature city of NYC & miniature plane setup, not to mention many football jerseys to make sure John was always at the top in high school, then in college. High School athletes have been using THE CRAFT to succeed for generations in football, basketball, golf & baseball. People in all professions have used the CRAFT to be the best in their profession, no matter what profession that has been. MSM tv personalities, film stars, & tv/film producers have sold their souls to get to the top. Just look at those who have had parents, husbands, wives or children have died (or been sacrificed).

    Next, you have to look into the LeMarchand occult music boxes. LeMarchand made his 1st gateway to hell box from the specifications by Albertus Magnus, 13th century witch. 60 occult boxes were unearthed in an escavation in Washington Park, NYC, where LeMarchand lived for some time. 55 only remained, after 5 construction workers disappeared w 5 boxes. I understand that Giuliani & Prince Charles are in possession of 2 of the boxes. Do your own research, but remember as someone told me once. “Witches control the world.”

    Any questions?

  3. Ann Cappelletti put the hoodoo spell/curse of licorice root on Joey [the son of Ann’s hook up w L Ron Hubbard, Ann’s father Aleister Crowley’s disciple, and sex (magick) tantra w Hubbard.] Ann’s Brooklyn witch/mentor told Ann to conceive another child & sacrifice him for John’s success.

    Ann paid $mucho dinero$ for the hoodoo spell/curse of john the conqueror root. When John was a toddler, he was so bowlegged he tripped himself. Ann panicked, she had paid a fortune for the john the conqueror root spell/curse, her fortune was going down the tube, she was afraid. Ann’s Brooklyn witch mentor told her to conceive another child to sacrifice for John’s success. Joey was supposed to die of leukemia didn’t happen.

    btw, you can all google/search for what happened to Barbara Bush’s 1st daughter, she died of leukemia in her 2nd year. Obviously, Barb was better at delivering curses due to her mother’s experience in the CRAFT. It was after that child died that Barb went witch white-haired. Google, young pics of Barb & you may find the story. That is how I found it.

    Joey [Hubbard] Cappelletti didn’t die (Ann has always been a lazy witch, who has done things sloppily.) Ann put Joey in a comma w chicken pox when he was 5 so that she could perfect her leukemia curse potion she cooked up in her witch kitchen. Joey came out of the comma w leukemia. He had to die so that John would get his strength & success. Joey died & the witch Cappellettis made money from his death, which was a total lie. Joey was killed by the Cappellettis & they all treated him badly.

    There is so much more to this story, but know this. John & Michael Cappelletti’s demolition company planted the nano-thermite in the WTC. Marvin Bush their cousin gave them clearance to enter the WTC with truckloads of nanothermite obtained at the Philadelphia Naval Business Center. John & Michael are setting up a demolition company in So Cal, look for demolitions in Western US. The Bushes & the Cappellettis & the Turkish (Turkish immigrants) Turkdonmetz’s in Queens, NY are all cousins & involved in the 911 implosions. Omer & Gokce are sons of Aleister Attaturk, conceived by a Turkish woman who begged Crowley to have his child. Demand an investigation of 911. When the criminals run the investigation by criminals, the truth was & will never be exposed.


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