Bob Dylan’s Faustian Bargain

“It goes back to that destiny thing. I made a bargain with it, you know, a long time ago and I’m holdin’ up my end”

Ed: “What was your bargain?”

BOB: “To get where I am now.”

ED: “Should I ask who you made the bargain with?”

BOB: laughing…”With, with with the, you know, with the chief commander.”

ED: “On this earth?”

BOB: “On this earth and in a world we can’t see.”

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3 thoughts on “Bob Dylan’s Faustian Bargain

  1. Mr. Zimmerman is not the only one to sell his/her soul to the chief commander. Do you not find it odd that they invariably take on a “stage” name different from their given name? But the chief commander is a liar and all his contracts are based on lies and are therefore null and void. I only wish I could tell the contractees that the deal is revocable even if signed in their own blood. All they need do is repent and seek forgiveness and the Blood of the Lamb will wipe away their sin and shame. I admire Bob for having the guts to publicly say what he said and pray that he turns to Jesus before he dies. That is when our fate is sealed.

  2. Jews like “Dylan”/Zimmerman change their names to appear non-Jewish, plain and simple. No esoteric reason behind it, they know they have to trick the goiyum into accepting them, right?

    And I seriously doubt any kike, much less one that sould his soul (what soul?) to the devil, the progenitor of the jewish race, could ever be accepted into Heaven. The Bible says not to even pray for kikes, so wake up. Greedy, swarthy heebs laugh at people like you while bathing in the gold earned by your own sweat and blood (Income taxes anyone?), while you pray for their nonexistant – or already pre-damned – souls!

  3. “Freedom, just around the corner for you
    But with truth so far off, what good will it do?”

    Bob Dylan


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