The New Christmas Truce

Christmas Truce

Dona eis Pax Christus Rex. I want peace between all you racist stereotypes this Christmas. The only person I want you to hate this CHRISTmas is his infernal majesty, John Milton the devil, and his false prophet Pastor Richards. I want peace Jimmy and Derek. Jimmy celebrates Kwanzaa and Derek celebrates Yule. Leave those pagan white Gods Derek. CHRISTmas is a time to share with friends. When light overcomes darkness. Light has nothing to do with the color of your skin. Tell that to Derek’s friend Dylan Roof or Jimmy’s cousin Micah. U2 won’t listen to the son of God or J Edgar Hoover so I might have to excommunicate both of you.

Ave Maria
Salve me Rex Tremendae

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5 thoughts on “The New Christmas Truce

  1. What I’m sayin, it’s kinda fracked up to trip
    That the poop you believe might not exist
    Somethin like a unicorn man, it’s on the list
    With Big Foot, Mickey Mouse, Santa Claus and myths
    And poop some might say “they’s blas-phem-ous”
    When I question the plague in Af-ri-ca
    When I question the way your Jesus looks
    And the way it affects all the minds of us, I’m sayin


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