Selena Gomez Under Care of World’s Best Naturopath

Selena Gomez Bad Liar

Things will be peachy for Selena Gomez fans.


Insiders say she has found relief in Naturopathic treatment under the care of eco warrior & savior David De Rothschild.


Life guard is always on duty Goyim. Big Davey DR. The Good Shepherd Red Shield.


Selena is going raw for 90 and drinking and bathing in only living spring water thanks to D Rexplore. People say David D is a dirty Jew who only loves his sheckels but he is fond of theories on the spring in Lourdes France. He heard Bernadette was making wheat grass shots a 100 years ago thanks to the different reptile overlords he is in contact with. People like Alex Jones curse David De Rothschild and our serpentine overlords. Alex Jones is a delusional paranoid schizophrenic. David De Roth is the savior we’ve been expecting for 2,000 years. When he made his voyage in the Plastiki the prophecies in both the new and old testament were fulfilled. Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson are just jealous beta males who know David is the real alpha and omega, be all end all, greatest of all time.


Conspiracy theories abound about our adventurer savior. That he is a false Christ healer. That Alex Jones’ Jewish Doctor Wallach is the real healer. Selena stares at the snakes in the hospital looking for that next sex symbol who the Illuminati say will be the real Lucifer. That’s why the model in her video has a Luciferian, “Have some Sympathy” tattoo. Everyone is insane from the Luciferian conspiracy.

Women find the name Rothschild a powerful aphrodisiac. Hearing Dynasty turns them on more than eating oysters. What a dreamy hunk David De Rothschild is. Hunkier than Mcsteamy and Mcdreamy hospital doctors. Dreamier than anyone on ER, Chicago Hope or General Hospital. You know why? Cuz David DREX gets results from his patients. Most naturopath notes go in the garbage and it’s back to standard american diet SAD and death. Not David De Redshield. David gives hugs to his patients. Locks them in the serpent coils and squeezes them. No other doctor will ever touch his sick patient. It’s against the rules. But eco messiah David is a rulebreaker not a roolmaker.


Things will be just peachy keen u betcha for Selena Gomez and the Jews. No need to hang yourself like Jew rocknrolla Chris Cornell. The medical snake is good if you pick the right one. The snakes kissing on the medical symbol is the naturopaths and allopaths swindling patients for sheckels never getting results. David De Rothschild gets results because his treatment is the most expensive. David De Rothschild services cost mankind a mortgage on the world. That’s the price we pay for David’s healing christ ambition and messianic pretension and you know what? It’s worth every share in the Federal Reserve.

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15 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Under Care of World’s Best Naturopath

  1. you’re such a bullshitter. david de rothschild doesn’t give a poop about no barney girl. he’s going for medical microchips and that thousand year dynasty/monopoly.

  2. fish.jpg

    She could never see the similarities between Princess Protection Program and SK’s EWS.

    I need a better space opera than the outdated elron space opera. put selena in your space opera if u scored highest on the personality test

  3. So Moses made a snake out of bronze and attached it to a pole. Then anyone who was bitten by a snake could look at the bronze snake and be healed!


    The staff is thereafter referred to as the “rod of God” or “staff of God” (depending on the translation). Moses and Aaron appear before the pharaoh when Aaron’s rod is transformed into a serpent. … It is used several times on God’s command to initiate the plagues of Egypt.


    Daniel Vitalis, host of the site: Find a Spring, calls live spring water ‘wild water’. He makes many interesting points in this video: “Daniel Vitalis Speaks about Water and More”:

    He advices on giving up drinking bottled water and filtered water. He calls these ‘plastic tea’.

    There is massive estrogen pollution in our drinking water.

    Fossil water (spring water), has been underground for a really long time, maybe 1000s or 10,000s of years. They are stored in aquifers, underground lakes.
    Human body is mostly made of water, food is just a little bit of something you sprinkle in there.

    You can completely replace the water in your body in two days.

    Best water is found in the springs – and stored in glass containers.

    “You change your body water – you change your blood. The water you drink, within a few minutes, becomes your blood. You want wild blood, not domesticated blood. Not tap water blood.”

    Over 50 pharmaceuticals are found in most metropolitan centres’ tap water.
    There is a levitational quality in spring water, the consciousness properties, structural properties… The molecular arrangement of hydrogen oxide is in ‘a formation’. Structured water, which is ‘in formation’, conducts information, and will give you higher level of intelligence. It will network your brain.


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