Superbowl 2014: A Battle Between Christ and Satan

Team Jesus Seattle

Look at Seattle praise Jesus.

You fairies! You company men!

Payton Satan

Denver knows the game was rigged in favor of the Nazarene. Both teams recently legalized marijuana. So if I want pot legalized and Team Jesus wants pot legalized what is the hold up? Why can’t Obama get his head out of his ass? The man is paralyzed by heterosexually challenged bath house rumors. The truth is my children, the Jews, keep Obama in check with their controlled media.

God warns people in Psalm 146:3 from trusting in a son of man for help. According to the NT Jesus is the Son of Man (cf. Mark 2:28). Therefore, how can Christians trust him as their Savior when the OT tells believers not to trust in such a person?

Superbowl All Seeing Eye

This battle was fought under God’s watchful eye.

God's Eye

God’s eye is depicted as an Illuminated Triangle.

Watch this 9/11 truther interrupt the MVP’s.

Now take a look at the MVP’s shirt. Look closely.

Superbowl Ouroborus

The rattlesnake is a symbol of the American Revolution. These football players want a revolution. Who will bring them revolution? Jesus said no slave is greater than his master. Let me tell you who the real serpent is. Christ is the serpent. He is the King of the Worms!

Consider first Jesus. In Job 25.6 the phrase “son of man, who is only a worm!” occurs. We know that “Son of Man” was Jesus’s favorite phrase for himself, occurring over 40 times in the gospels, clearly identifying himself with the passage in Job.

Brazen Serpent

John 3:14,15
And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up.

Don’t listen to that snake Christ. Listen to me. You want revolution get out your gun and go on a rampage. That means you @realalexjones . Fasting for forty days won’t help. We don’t need Ghandi. We need a Mason like George Washington to lead the revolution under the barrel of a gun.

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4 thoughts on “Superbowl 2014: A Battle Between Christ and Satan

  1. I am the God of this world. This world of trash and pornography. All the games are rigged in my favor except the superbowl. The superbowl was rigged in your favor.

  2. lucifer.jpg

    Follow the king of worms to the grave. Or follow me and we’ll storm heaven. We’ll drag God off his heavenly throne and cast him down. We will build space ships and explore the heavens until we find him. If God isn’t here surely he’s somewhere up in the firmament.


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