Robbie Williams on Conspiracy Theories

Robbie Williams talks about 9/11, the Illuminati, conspiracy theories and the movie Zeitgeist.

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3 thoughts on “Robbie Williams on Conspiracy Theories

  1. That really messes everything up. I always thought Robbie Williams was one of their best men and doing a great job in controlling the masses. Well, i guess in the end we are all humans, more or less running our own movie.
    Whilst researching for our Michael Jackson website, we find so many conflicting stories about Michael as well. It actually makes me think that this is the point now were we have to get our own lives back. As interesting as all the information is, it doesn’t get us anywhere if we don’t have a connection to our own roots, to the thing that each of us really is. As an independent being. So that if we are all strong, independent, self-responsible, self-thinking individuals, the coming NWO is one that will be one that is made by the people, and not by the mafia-gang that took over our system!

  2. Robbie is obviously frightened about what he’s realized, as I think anyone who realizes what he has becomes frightened, at least in the beginning. People comes to terms with things eventually and realize there really is no need to be frightened…it doesn’t do anyone any good, and the fear controls you instead of you controlling it. At the same time I understand where he’s coming from, I still feel the same way from time to time, but ultimately I too have come to terms with it because it is what it is, and you can’t run from it or pretend it isn’t there, all you can do is go public, continue to educate, and deal with it!


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