Precious: Annie Lennox’ Song to Lucifer

“Precious” is a song by Annie Lennox. It was released as the second single from her debut solo album, Diva, in 1992 and peaked at number 23 in the UK.

Annie Lennox

Inverted 666, sign of The Beast.

Annie Lennox 666

The Video:

The Lyrics:

Precious little angel
Take a look at what you’ve done
Well I thought my time was over
But it’s only just begun
Precious little angel
You’re my own sweet turtle dove
Won’t you stay with us for ever
In a bundle full of love
I was lost until you came
Precious little angel
Won’t you spread your light on me
I was locked up in the darkness
Now you’ve come to set me free
I was covered up with sadness
I was drowned in my own tears
I’ve been cynical and twisted
I’ve been bitter all these years
I was lost until you came
I was lost until you came
And wouldn’t I run a thousand miles
To be with you
And wouldn’t I run a thousand miles
To be with you

Precious little angel
Tell me how can it be true
That such a gift from heaven
Has been sent for me and you
Precious little angel
Don’t you worry don’t you cry
When this bad old world has crumbled
I’ll be standing at your side

The Symbolism:

In this video she is singing to Lucifer The Angel of Light, The Shining One or Morning Star.

Lucifer Statue Madrid

She is also dressed up as Lucifer she even shines like him from head to toe.
You see her head being illuminated.

Annie Lennox Pillars

Here she signals as above so below with her hands. And you can clearly see the twin pillars behind her which stand for the gateway to the sphere of the enlightened.
BOAZ and JACHIN are the names of the two symbolical Pillars before the principal entrance of Solomon’s Kabalistic Temple. In the Kabalah these Pillars explain all mysteries of antagonism, whether natural, political or religious.

Annie Lennox Corna

Check out the horns she flashes while simultaneously showing us one eye behind her arm.

Annie Lennox Secret

She hides her eyes from us multiple times through the video because she has a secret.

The great war of the angels has been settled and I and the other demons have been cast into hell on Earth. I am lamenting my loss and beginning to realize that I will be in hell for a very long time.

The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heav’n of hell, a hell of heav’n.

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