New Cuffs for my Officers

New Handcuffs

New handcuffs for my Police officers can stun and drug perpetrators. This will save the lives of many cops.

1. Serve the Public Trust
2. Protect the Innocent
3. Uphold the Law
4. (Classified)

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7 thoughts on “New Cuffs for my Officers

  1. Shwarzers are coming to the promised land. The best medical practice is to inject them with birth control drugs. We should never mix with the goyim. the goyim are animals at best.

    Derek is as much a brute beast as Jimmy. Can you not see that we God’s chosen are superior?

  2. Well, doctor, the Jews once were God’s chosen people. But, now His promise is open to all. The first Christians were Jews. In every nation, the man who fears Him, and does what is right, is welcome to Him.
    Remember, when you start flinging names around, and feeling superior because of the special status the Jews once held, we are all welcome to accept the Messiah. who has already been here and died for us all.

  3. I just happened upon this website while looking for something else. I don’t want the doctor to think I hate Jews or anyone else, I just want him to know that we are all able to come to the throne of God, now, thanks to the One who died for us all. That includes Jews, blacks, whites, Asians, everyone. We are all supposed to be one, now.

  4. The Messiah has not yet come. Until then we, the Jews, are the collective messiah.

    We don’t want schwarzers in Israel. We will drive them out soon.


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