Nelly Furtado’s Big Hoops Illuminati Analysis

Nelly Furtado Eye Illuminati

This is not the eye of Lucifer. It it is the eye of God. The eye of providence. Nelly Furtado wants the eye of God to see her.

Nelly Furtado Ear

Nelly Furtado wants the ear of God to hear her. Jim Carrey copied Nelly when he talked about the NWO on Jimmmy Kimmel. Only the court jester can tell the truth.

Native Dees

Nelly Furtado has been trying to shed light on the Canadian genocide. This is not the first time she has sang for the native canadians. She sang for the missing native women on CBC 10 years ago. The mystery is yet to be solved over who is killing these women. Natives in Canada are turning to Iranian TV to reveal the truth. From what I’ve seen the corruption and genocide go all the way to the top. To the Queen. Nobody talks about the native children that disappeared during her visit to Canada in the 70’s.

Nelly Furtado Black Swan

Here we see a new alter ego come out. A new personality. The black swan. Most swans are white. When you see a black swan it’s a surprise. Black swans are events that are unlikely and unpredictable, like 9/11 or the Challenger disaster. In black swan theory a bad black swan is easily noticeable while a good black swan may take a long time to become apparent.

Black Swan Markets

A “black swan event” as something both unlikely and unpredictable that has a huge impact within whatever area it occurs. Part of the impact is due to the way we think about extremely unlikely events; most of us tend to equate “extremely unlikely” with “it will never happen.” Thus, we fail to adequately prepare for extreme events, and the negative impact of the event is magnified. We build levees strong enough to withstand 50 year storms, and a 100 year storm comes along. We think we have an adequately balanced portfolio, and one bad month in the market wipes out half of our net worth.

Birds make themselves look bigger when threatened by predators. Nelly tries to make herself look bigger by walking on stilts. She also turns into a computer generated giant. Wall Street behaves like a flock of birds. Once big bird panics the rest of the birds panic. Time will tell which stars come out on top during the next financial panic or lose most of their net worth. We are gonna see savings wiped out. A financial giant will fall during this next market crash. Joseph Kennedy made a fortune during the roaring twenties buying stocks. He made even more taking a short position in 1929, before the great depression.

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