MTV Martial Law Warnings

MTV Warns us about Martial Law and Concentration Camps in America.

Why would the “ones behind the curtain”/”puppet masters, etc.” allow this to air, or stay on the air?

And what is MTV’s agenda with this?


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One thought on “MTV Martial Law Warnings

  1. To be fair, the ads are not warning of anything at all, but simply trying to help the MTV Generation understand events like the Holocaust by illustrating it in a contemporary context. The website has a page dedicated to young writers directly effected by the holocaust, like Anne Frank, and also highlights modern genocide in places like Darfur and Sudan.

    Is there a hidden motive? Possibly, but there isn’t much evidence pointing beyond a few history lessons on

    The ads are also a couple years old, so I think its stretching a bit to assume that they’re warning of martial law and American concentration camps.

    I’m down for conspiracy theory, but not hysteria. So please use caution with potentially inflammatory posts like this. (And for the record, I’m well aware of MTV’s solid connection to secret/elite societies and esotericism.)


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