Marilyn Manson Illuminati?

Marilyn Manson Masonic Ring

Here is the question and quote that I copied from the website: (italics are mine) From illfigure on 02/12/03:

“myself and many others ive spoken to would really like to know your thoughts and opinions on freemasonry and even though it seems like you’re not a freemason, are you?”

Answered by MM on 02/13/03:

“That question requires a better understanding of what that group truly is, before I care to discuss my feelings. My genesis is deep in Bavaria. Things change, new names for old beliefs.”

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11 thoughts on “Marilyn Manson Illuminati?

  1. He is a mind controlled Multiple. Quite a few are raised in strict Fundamentalist environments. Because it is a very controlled environment where no one is allowed to question those in authority since it could be equated to questioning God’s rules…it is a perfect cover for darkness. He attended Heritage Christian School until 10th grade I believe.

    His videos are full of the symbolism we recognize. Some you have to freeze the clip to see.

    Personal Jesus had many signs of Alchemy as well as pictures of past dictators. Sometimes the best place to hide something is out in the open, in plain sight.

    I have been to many a Manson concert in my day. To see his eyes, personality, and feel his energy switch over was wild. We recognized it. Takes one to know one.

  2. Oh Hades, looking back I better clarify.

    It takes a MULTIPLE to recognize a MULTIPLE sometimes. I am not in the Illuminati! lol

  3. welll we all know yall are all devil worshipers we are not stupid. and i am going to laugh when your body is burning in hell while you eye balls are poping.hahahahahhaah peace

  4. Bisexual and Jewish? LMAO!

    I don’t believe he’s part of this whole, “System”..
    Considering, ever since the beginning, he’s portrayed himself the same way.

    This.. “Article”, whatever it is, isn’t long enough to catch too much of my attention.
    If you’d like some real dirt? Read his book.

  5. Marilyn Manson isn’t Jewish…? He said he was 50% Polish and 50% German.
    And he had NOHING to do with the Columbine shootings. At all.

    Do better research.


  7. “welll we all know yall are all devil worshipers we are not stupid. and i am going to laugh when your body is burning in hell while you eye balls are poping.hahahahahhaah peace”

    Wow. You tell them! (in the name of Jesus Christ *rolls eyes*) I just stumbled on this site, but if THIS is how people act/believe on here, I’ll find a more mature non-bias site for information. But truely, to the poster of that ^…you claim Christain faith I assume? I will not get into my beliefs, but some are very much Christian, though I proclaim NO religion. That being said I have a better grasp on the religion and posts like that prove you have NO grasp, and are a very hatefull sounding person; hate the EXACT opossite of Christ’s teachings. (You could sum the entire bible up in one word: Love) Even more disturbing, is you seen to have a sadistic streak (laughing, where in heaven, dude? while their eyeballs pop) You are either of a very immature age (andf if that the case, I cant be too hard on you, but do grow up..) or you sound like a very awful person with some even more serious issues. If thats true, please seek some help, and I am NOT being sarcastic. Or you could just be a troll, and once again, if this site is all about trolls, then Im moving on to search for another with real factual information..

  8. @Rose the two Columbine shooters were Jewish. Marilyn Manson is Jewish & an Illuminatus and a member of the Church of Satan. The Tuscon nut Jared Lee Loughner is also Jewish and a homosexual. Clebold and Harris were also homosexuals. The Columbine killers planned the shooting for years in advance over the internets. Jewish kids online would egg the two killers on until they finally had the guts 2 slaughter the xtians senior year.

  9. he should be beaten to death….he is destroying the lives of many….he is a devil….a dangerous 1…..wild creature….he should be stopped……

  10. He’s just too intelligent to be someone’s puppet , investigate about better who is he and what he really does.


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