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  1. Max Gold, your not even a real Jew, African Americans are and there is even proof, since stupid america has never got rid of the documents, they spoke Hebrew and its documented, If I were you or any other Gentile I would renounce that ethnicity

  2. There are people whose brains need some revision around here. They wake up in the morning and talk poop on the internet, then they go to their grandmother to say that they have accomplished something. African Americans were never jews. African Americans came from Africa. Do you know where that is? I am African and I’d rather be dead than be a jew. They invented slavery and lots of the poop that is rotting this world, including the “documents” you speak of. You must be a jew yourself to talk poop like that.

  3. Xio Pang is a chinese jew. The Pang name was acquired by rootless jews who settled in China in 1364 and became servants to the Ming Dynasty from 1368 to 1644. They cooked noodles all day for Zhu Yuanzhang (Fatty Yuan) and his so-called imperial family, hence the brainlessness of someone like Xio Pang, who doesn’t know his or her history.

  4. African Americans aren’t Jews as we know them today but Akhenaton was the historic archetype for Moses. His city, Heliopolis as it was known in Greek was his sole focus and as the Persians attacked the empire from the East his Generals kicked him out inspiring the story of the Exodus. His followers were Nubians and Sub-Saharan Africans. Modern Jews are Khazars who were politically converted to Judaism by the Roman Empire.

  5. The latest DNA research has now shown us that no two people on earth are more than 50 cousins apart,most are closer. It doesnot matter how different you look on the surface Race is an illusion created through tens and thousands of generations adapting local conditions. (the video HUMAN ANCESTRY MADE EASY on youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDknzZ9b6rg
    is good introduction into these fact-based studies.
    Sites like this actually work against getting the truth out there because they make it easy for the media to further perpetuate the caricature of the wacky ‘conspiracy theorist.’ Conspiracies are real.. but its got nothing to do with one group and certainly not freemasonry! or Stars of David in dollar bills. Anyone knowing anything about sacred geometry knows you can craw any geometric shape starting with a triangle. You can make a circle and from that, a hexagon, pentagon, octagon, and so on. If you care about the truth stick to easily verifiable facts and quit the speculating. best.

  6. Thought your site was great till I saw this Jewology tag…vile, disgusting. I’m a christian who loves the jews. You think you have eyes to see and yet print this satanic nazi trash. Blind, naked you are. so sad

  7. @ melmacca: Do some research buddy. Before you start yelling this is “Satanic Nazi Trash”, go and do research for yourself about what a Jew is. In fact, a lot of the information is on this page for you to read. But no, you’re too scared to find out what these precious peoples have done, or what they plan to do, and are doing now. Very evil stuff. DO SOME RESEARCH!!

    Also, doesn’t the bible say that the real Jews will have lost their own culture until the return of the Messiah? It does. It says they will lose everything. Sounds like the Semetic African tribe to me. The bible also tells us that there will be LOTS of people who claim to be Jewish, but are not Jewish, and are fact a part of the “synagogue of Satan”. Most Jews you see today in America are fine, respectable people, who really believe in their traditions and beliefs. But especially in political circles, and positions of power, you’ll see that most Jews are simply “Zionists”, who are people that agree Jews should have Israel taken away from the Palestinians against age old treaties, and be given to them. You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist.
    Modern Jews today are the prime suspects for all the 9/11 horrors.
    They have totally brainwashed the world into believing WWII was something completely different that what it actually was. They did this as part of every effort they can do to become socially & politically superior & immune to any form of controversy. If you question anything these corrupt people are doing, you are labeled an ANTI-SEMITE. Well what the frack?? That should not have been the original intent of this term!! Can you see how it makes them untouchable? Can’t you see that people are abusing this power? That nobody can resist the temptation that it offers? Do some research like I have, and yes it will be hard, you might cry, because mostly everything you’ve ever learned about the Zionist, even Jewish, powers, is completely propagated by lies and fake history. The world is so fracked up, is what I think every time someone mentions something that ties into this.

  8. the blind and deaf are unable to see and hear what is going on. this website is total crap. You really don’t have a clue what’s happening. One day you’ll thank them for what they did.

    h love

  9. @Zambo Noir, aka Sambo Black
    @Negro Z , aka SMH
    @Arrestme on, aka Really…..

    Often times, I never replied to such foolishness but name calling to belittle someone because they speak truth is unfounded and really displays your true self.

    However, Xio Pang is correct the so-labeled African American race are from the Tribe of Judah which is one of the 12 Tribes of Israel. Moreover, the so-called Jews that are living in the land are not of the 12 Tribes of Israel, which are The Most High’s Yah chosen people they are imposers.

    So before you tell someone to do there research all of you need to do your own research before posting. I know that I am of the Tribe of Yuduah (Which is the correct spelling, since there was not and still is not a letter J in the Hebrew Alphabet). So, with that being said Max Gold, who I know you are an Ashkenazi Jew from the line of Gomer. Ashkenazi Jews lived in the Caucasus Mountains and many of your ancestors were cave dwellers; hence, “Caveman Theory” and the Caucasian Race is named after the Mountain Range they came out of. More importantly, I am here to write fact not emotions because you know that Gomer is from Japheth one of Noah’s sons. Noah had three Ham, Shem, and Japheth.

    You see the biggest lie the Nations of the Bible played on the Tribe of Israel. You do know why the Tribe of Israel is called Israel right. Well, probably not. It is call Israel because Israel is Yacob (Jacob). Yacob wrestled with an Angel of God (Yahshua) all night at a place called Peniel, “Face of God”. You see if you study the Most High Father’s word which is truth, you will find that Yacob I saw an Angel of God (Yahshua) face to face, and yet my life was spared. The Angel of God, Yahshua, changed his name at that time to Israel which means he that struggles with God.

    Let me close this out because this may be to heavy for many to receive but since today is the Sabbath I have to share the Truth. Back to Noah’s sons, Ham, Shem, and Japheth. Before, I go any further I need for you to understand when the waters receded Noah’s did not land in land mass known today as Africa. That is the first little know fact the Nations hate to teach because then you will clearly see who the True Hebrews are. Noahs Ark landed what is called today the middle east the borders of Iran and Turkey.

    Now the lie would make people believe that Ham is the father of the African Americans in America which is not true. Ham the Father of the Africans which are from the many Nations on the Continent today. Whereas the African American is from the line of Judah which is from the Seed of Shem. Moses was From the same line of Shem and we looked alike which was the reason he was able to look like an Egyptian. There was another Hebrew by the name of Joseph who was the 11 Son of Yacob, who was sold by his brothers to the Egyptians because Yacob really favored Joseph because he could see the future. When you read your bible you will read the Joseph foretold of a food shortage in the land of Egypt for 7 years and Yacob and his 11 other sons moved of Egypt and were reunited with Joseph. Then the Hebrews began to outnumber the Egyptians and this was many years after the death of Joseph the Pharoah told the Hebrew Maid wives to kill the firstborn male child. But the Angel again came to warn The Most High God chosen people and told them to put blood over there door post and the death angel will “Passover”. I guess that told us a 10th of the truth in the Disney movie “Prince of Egypt” which was produced by imposter jews excuse me Ashkenazi Jews because we know who the real Hebrews are and they are not them.

    I am from the Tribe of Yaudah

  10. Why is it that negros have only exhibited one of the 20 characteristics that the Israelites are said to always exhibit throughout their generations? Don’t feel bad, jews only exhibit one out of 20 as well.

  11. what I think is that it’s sad that “you” have to point the finger at “an entire race of people” when only some are involved- the ones who are are not even semetic – they are khazars – but still there is no way to say even all of them are involved. It is lazy to point that finger that way – and 3 are pointing back at you. I know there is good info on this site but because of the racial slur it will be more difficult to appreciate it

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