Miley’s Lesbian Kiss

Miley Cyrus Talent Lesbian Kiss

Miley pushes the sexual envelope by kissing a girl during Britain’s Got Talent. It looks likes she’s copying Madonna and Britney. Every singer these days is trying to be the next Madonna, so they try to outdo her. But there can only be one whore of Babylon. The rest are just her Jezebel followers like Miley.

What’s the deal with Billy Ray? He’s more of a pimp than a father. Miley is the goose that laid the golden egg for Billy Ray. I bet you the Satanic, Illuminati Jews Miley works for have already given Billy Ray an indecent proposal for a night with Miley. He should auction off Miley’s virginity like that chick on the Tyra Show. Then he can finally buy that solid gold house. And what’s with his hair? The achy breaky mullet was classy compared to his hair nowadays.

The last CEO of Disney was a Jew named Eisner and the current CEO is a Jew named Iger. It reminds me of the Federal Reserve. I guarantee they are either B’nai B’rith freemason Jews or Illuminatus Jews. I don’t give a frack if Google cuts off my adsense for pointing out the obvious. I have to tell the truth. These Jews are the Synagogue of Satan just like it say in my bible. If these Satanic Jews get their wish the bible will be classified as hate speech.

Reverend Jacob at Judicial-Inc has had his hosting cut off so many times he’s lost count. I hope this site doesn’t go the same way. As long as the Jews reject Christ’s teachings they will be Satan’s children. In John 8:44 Jesus told the Jews that their father was the devil and that they would do his will. In 1776 the Jews made those words a reality when Mayer Rothschild created the Illuminati.

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3 thoughts on “Miley’s Lesbian Kiss

  1. You are fine hon. You would be amazed at what gets left up. I used to worry, especially when the little Israeli brat trollers would try to trip me up or catch me. They found my unceasing sweet vitriolic politeness was impossible to deal with and left.

    You say NOTHING that has not been said before. Have you ever looked at other blogs and seen what some say? Might I suggest you hit mine sometime and in the SEARCH BOX put in MK ULTRA in the WHITE HOUSE. You would be amazed what comes up.

    Now… I can guarantee you that Miley is already an illuminati MK ultra sex slave. Well I cannot really guarantee it, but the pattern used for Britney and several others is there to see. Her little sister who wants to be a pole dancer as well. Billy Ray sold his soul to have this… I cannot stand looking at him knowing what he would do to have such great success behind such a HUGE fraud.

    Remember when Brit went wild? She was breaking free of her MK conditioning. It was almost admitted if you knew what to look for and in some of the more honest words leaked out. Anna Nichole Smith was another. She and her son both were murdered because they had what they wanted from her, the baby. There is a short film I have on one of my pages of her. People think she is drunk, all face painted like a small child and talking funny. She is not. She is a 4 year old child in her mind, this is a sure spin on her being a sex slave via MK Ultra. When at rest, the brain will go back to the age it was before the conditioning began. Once you understand MK Ultra… you will see how it is used on the American people including 911. Suddenly you will know how JonBenet died. so hon… you don’t say anything too bad… all you have to do is take into consideration the ages and mindset of your readers.

  2. wow…i didn’t know miley did this!
    no wonder i never let my kids watch her…I seen the transformation coming & I didn’t want them to be following her down her dark path.

  3. Not trying to disagree with any illuminati reference, but she never kissed her in the performance. If you watch the video in HD or in any quality you can clearly see she doesn’t


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