Illuminati Descendants Assemble for an Eyes Wide Shut-like “Heaven and Hell” Bash

Heaven Hell Party

Jones Report | June 18, 2007

A multitude of European royalty attended a “Heaven and Hell” party hosted by Prince Pavlos (Greek)– a costumed affair which included strippers and seemingly resembles the portrayal of decadent elites depicted in Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut.’

The London Mail story mentioned about a dozen spare princes and lords, including high profile Prince Andrew of the UK, as well as models and erotic dancers.

“Other guests included Prince Andrew, Viscount Linley, looking mean and moody in black leather as he arrived on his motorbike, Prince Felipe and Princess Christina of Spain, Prince Haakkon of Norway and Naomi Campbell.”

“The swimming pool in the basement was covered over and decked out to resemble Hell, with stilt-walkers and erotic dancers.”

Of course, this gossip scene is more in line with Paris Hilton-style scandal, but the stories from Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg don’t get reported in tabloids.

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