GLAAD not to be John Galliano

John Galliano ADL

After being the butt of Sasha Baron Cohen’s cruel attack on the heterosexually challenged subculture in the movie Bruno, John Galliano let loose an anti-Semitic outburst at a group of Jews in France. For months Jews have been taunting Galliano asking him where his outfit made entirely of Velcro is whenever he goes to a cafe. After this movie came out Jewish youths would mercilessly humiliate John with questions about his adopted black baby. “Where’s your black baby Bruno?”, they would ask Galliano mistaking him for the main character of the film. “Hey Bruno! Bruno!”, youths would taunt.

After this group of Jews were done with questions about Galliano’s black baby they started asking him if small mustaches were IN or AUS. John responded by yelling at the belligerent Jews, “Do you know who had a small mustache? Adolf Hitler!” This really set the Jews off and they fired back by asking Galliano if he wished a benign tumor or a malignant tumor on Karl Lagerfeld. A drunken Galliano responded with the footage the homophobic Jewish miscreant recorded on his cell phone. The rest is defamation League history.

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2 thoughts on “GLAAD not to be John Galliano

  1. This Galliano was washed up anyways. We God’s chosen always endeavor to have a monopoly on all businesses from bottle cap collecting to high fashion. You posted the most flattering picture of this Goy drunkard Galliano you can find on the net. He’s old and ugly these days. Dior firing him was just a matter of time.


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