George Michael has Super AIDS

George Michael AIDS

George Michael kissing death at the Olympics.

George Michael has contracted AIDS from an old lover. He is currently on anti-virals which buries the virus and makes it even stronger before eventually killing you.

What must George Michael do to cure his Super AIDS?

Selenium Conquers AIDS! Senegal in West Africa has the lowest numbers of AIDS prevalence at 1.77% in the general population, and 0.5% in antenatal clinic attendees along with the highest levels of selenium-enriched soil. Geologically, Senegal is situated in the desiccated or dried up Cretaceous and early Eocene Sea, and the land is formed from sedimentary rocks from dissolved minerals in the evaporating seawater. Consequently, calcium phosphates are one of the country’s mined mineral products used for fertilizers, and are derived from the selenium rich phosphorite. Senegal can also claim the lowest level of cancers on the African continent.


Numerous doctors have started treating their AIDS patients utilizing either increased amounts of supplemental selenium or the four basic components of glutathione peroxidase – selenium, cysteine, glutamine, and tryptophan – and have seen remarkable results.

Increasing glutathione levels with the selenium and cysteine makes the immune system more responsive to viruses and cancer as well. Glutamine helps alleviate depression problems and helps heal the intestinal tract, resulting in better digestion and the elimination of diarrhea.

Advanced AIDS patients have been shown to have tryptophan levels at about half the amount of those with the disease. Increasing tryptophan helps protect against dementia by increasing serotonin levels in the brain.

The idea has not been to “eliminate” HIV from the body, which many researchers now feel would be impossible, but rather to supply it and the rest of the body with adequate amounts of selenium. It’s more of an effort to live with the virus much like we can live with other potentially harmful pathogens in our body, but keep it in check to minimize any harm. The additional selenium and the antioxidants associated with it help stop the virus from replicating and invading other cells to “feed” its need for selenium.

Not only is this program very cost-effective at $10 to $20 a month, it has been instrumental in allowing patients to live normal, otherwise healthy, productive lives. I’ve spoken with many of these patients, and practically all of the long-term survivors are on programs that include selenium, N-acetylcysteine (NAC) to increase glutathione levels, and other antioxidants.

I have a report of one individual who has been HIV-positive for 21 years. After undergoing practically every known treatment, he still had detectible levels of HI V-until he took selenium. After taking a 200 microgram daily dose his viral load dropped from 20,000/mL to 49, which is considered undetectable. Additionally, he hasn’t been sick since taking the selenium and has experienced no side effects whatsoever.

Dr. F.

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18 thoughts on “George Michael has Super AIDS

  1. Anti-virals are very expensive. We are trying to create a 1000 dollar pill here at the AMA. I’ve had enough of medical industry corruption. I’ve seen the light. I will no longer slowly kill my patients for profit. I have advice for George Michael:

    CLEAN FILTERED WATER! No plastic bottles with BPA. Buy a filter that filters out heavy metals, pollutants and fluoride.

    No more meat. Eat only organic fruits and vegetables. Go Gluten and Dairy free! Start juicing. Research the Dr Max Gerson diet.

    Supplement with selenium and vitamin C. Also take Dr. Wallach’s youngevity pack. This is not propaganda George. Your doctors are quacks. They will kill you to make a buck. I know! I’ve killed many a patient for money. Now I have obsessive compulsive disorder. I have to wash my hands constantly because there is blood on them.

    Selenium will feed the virus and Vitamin C will boost your immune system enough to kill it completely. I will be watching you George. Swiss doctors are expensive but they are still quacks. You are going to end up like Steve Jobs if you keep seeing them. Steve Jobs was a multi billionaire but even he could not cheat death.

  2. Dr. Oz recommends donuts for breakfast. Is that not obvious quackery? Why do you think America is a nation of Homer Simpsons? Dr. Oz is a snake oil selling quack.

  3. IF what you wrote is true why you don’t made contact with him?
    Why you think you have permission to even write the name of this man?
    IF what you want is use his name to attract attention I hope God have mercy of your soul… because this wonderful person don’t deserve it. N

  4. This isn’t the first lover of George’s to die of AIDS. George has made love to strangers in public bathroom stalls. Why is it a shock that he has AIDS?

  5. i cant believe the stupid repugnant selfish narcissist is still alive – whether he’s blasted on pot driving a car when he can be chauffeured ( and being so smug w@nk when his lawyers get him off on a prescription charge) or being barebacked by someone hes known in a sh!tter for a LIFE SUM TOTAL about 2 mins its a tragedy others had to suffer HIS stupidity (more of his HIV + barebackin GLOATING about it like the pot despite how he could maim/kill selfish with that crazy driving heartless knob) so the quicker he removed from the surface of the planet the better for the majority – all the medical signs look like it wont be long especially as he wont change his safeless sex behaviour :PUKES: i’m sure his own so caring paid husband and ‘talent’ wont be able to replace him with another rich conceited pointless having no idea of the meaning of life twat 🙁

  6. Dr you are a fracking quack, George Michael HASN’T even ever tested for HIV so how the hell do you know he has AIDS, you are just as bad as an AIDS denialist with this vitamin C bullshit, and the asshole you pay to ask you questions in the reply area in the ski mask is a moron also, telling people to take vitamin fracking C for HIV instead of their real medications should be a crime and I doubt like hell you’re an MD. and George Michael should kick your old wrinkly ass for talking about him, regardless what he has, BY THE WAY so called DR. you dont catch AIDS from anyone, you catch HIV which will turn into AIDS without treatment, I wonder how many people you have killed with your bullshit advice, mega doses of vitamin C DOES NOT CLEAR HIV FROM THE BODY

  7. Nobody has ever died of “AIDS”. AIDS Does Not Exist. The Illnesses that are called “AIDS” do exist. “AIDS” is a monetary system. Microbes do not cause Money Scams and Iatrogenocide…money hungry people do.


  9. Tomas you finally outsourcing your bullshit AIDS denialism from youtube and facebook? Its a wonder you aren’t trying to promote house of numbers, the biggest steaming nugget of crap that has come out in a while, maybe its because at least three of the people in that AIDS denialist film are dead and one actually died even before the movie came out, you can deny you’re status because of your denialism all you want tomas, truth is you have a deadly virus and it is going to get you just like it did to tommy morrison, christine maggiore, kim bannon, kerri stoakley and on and on, I have witnessed many people die from AIDS related illnesses,

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