Famous Masons: Louis B Mayer

American film producer with partner Sam Goldwyn.
St. Cecile Lodge No. 568, New York City.

Famous Masons: Louis B Mayer

Is the lion roaring at the opening of each MGM film, one might ask, the fearsome Lion of Judah, warning the goyim in thousands of theaters across the land?

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3 thoughts on “Famous Masons: Louis B Mayer

  1. The roaring “mgm” lion represents the “capture and defeat” of Christ, the lion of the tribe of judah
    It’s wishful thinking and hoping that Christ and God can be defeated

  2. Idk anything about the lion, but I did notice that MGM = 33, M = 13th letter x 2 = 26 + G = 7th Letter = 33 :S

  3. I say the lion is a mockery of Judah. Here is a real sleeper; In 1937 Judah George Windsor alias KING GEORGE VI was placed upon the Throne of Thorns. At that time “he” symbolically took possession of the Promised Land. In 1948, under the Balfour Declaration Judah symbolically gave this land back to Cana’an (Vatican) in retribution for what Judah David did to the Jebusites (Cana’an) at Fortress Zion (Jerusalem).

    In turn, Judah’s gift back to Cana’an caused Cana’an to LEND this land to the Edomites who created the “Jewish” state of ISRAEL. If “Jew” and “Judah” held the same meaning why didn’t George just place the banner of the Lion throughout that land, order the construction of the temple, cities of refuge be built and be done with it!

    The reason George gave up the Promised Land is founded in the fact Judah is in a snare, a contract with Vatican. Nothing has changed since Zedekiah breahed his contract with the Babylonians which, in turn, led to the 2nd Captivity. The Edomites, relying upon the Lion for the logos, reminds me of captivity and how the Edomites will rule by way of illusion all-the-while telling us what “they” want to do and how “they” are going to do “it”. All in plane sight like the Wizard of Oz; raping the land to build babylonian cities having, like all sports, no value!

    What is interesting to note, and while on the topic of the 2nd Captivity, is if you conduct a word search KJV for “Jew” it is not until the 2nd Captivity does it show up! All the tribes are listed in Genesis but “Jew” doesn’t make the cut! God changed Abram to Abraham, Jacob to Israel and Esau to Edom. But Edom took his identity out of the Book of Lifer in changing his tribal identity to “Jew” in order to make believe “Jew” and “Judah” are the same ergo seed royal! Very interesting “Game of Thrones” Cana’an is playing!

    Unfortunately for the Edomites, even though they allied with Cana’an, Edom still comes from the seed of Isaac; Semitic therefore expendable. After all, why would Cana’an want to bother itself in chasing after Israel when one of the seed royal is willing to do the job, for mammon, and, in an act of shear brilliance, using Judah to lead the charge! LIke brilliant or what?


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