Family Guy: Miley Programmed?

Here is some footage from an episode of Family Guy that was on Fox last night. They mention incest with her father, and refer to Miley’s “programming”. The truth is really hidden in plain sight.

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2 thoughts on “Family Guy: Miley Programmed?

  1. They showed her on that one episode of south park where the paparazzi wanted to kill Britney Spears, then eventually they showed everyone in the town of SouthPark in on the conspiracy. Then right before the end, they showed Miley’s picture in the crowd as if she’s going to be the next victim. A slick threat thrown at Miley, which is why I think her dad came out talking about how he doesn’t want her to be the next Anna Nicole Smith or something along those lines. Nice find.

  2. I think Miley was under the illuminati programming but then I also felt like she wanted out and that is the very reason why her character is ridiculed in the media. First the Illuminati would assassinate the celebrity’s character and after that they will make a plot to kill the celebrity in a way that would appear to be of natural cause. Miley just said she will stop singing because it is politically contrived. And now her movies LOL and so undercover had problems getting the official release date and don’t have much publicity. For certain, I would be happy to see Miley being ordinary than being famous with ILLUMINATI. I still believe Miley has a BIG HEART and I can see clearly why Billy ray was and maybe is still afraid of what will happen to Miley. It is a good thing he had it out in theopen saying his family is attacked by satan in that way Illuminati would have a second thought on ruining Miley.


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