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  1. Actually, Dylan’s eye symbol is most likely The Eye of Horus, an Egyptian god- child of Osiris and ISIS! The Egyptian myths of Osiris and Horus contain many, many details found in the story of the life of Christ.

  2. Im seeing more than just the evil eye in this logo. I see the number six three times and what really seems to be the goat of mendez as well. the 1st 6 is under the eye and the other two are laying on thier sides above his name. the goat head is simple between the two upper sixes. Now perhaps I am wrong on the goat head but my mind certainly see’s this

  3. Unless one can obtain the answer to this question, we shall never know – thus, as Dylan intended. The best way to ponder the answer to the significance of Dylan’s eye is to question the notion of ‘as time changes, so do the meaning of symbols’; social and cultural context influence the way in which people perceive ideas and concepts. Think about it. Considering its ongoing appearance, the eye of Dylan may represent different notions throughout each era in time.
    Furthermore, like the eye, we cannot see what another can see, thus we may never understand how Dylan perceived the eye.

  4. Most seem to differentiate between this eye (Horus), and that eye (Providence) but they are the same. They are from the same beliefs and mean the same thing.
    The eye is THE most important symbol of all the arcane symbols.

  5. There are two R’s, albeit facing each other in this logo are also of huge significance.


    The Rothschild tomb in Vienna carries this symbol in it’s correct form.


    The royal coat of arms has the same symmetry. The beasts either side of the shield make this shape.

    Also Mayan depictions of Quetzalcoatl follow a similar symmetry


    Also ancient Egyptian Lions Gates.


    Funny that!

  6. It’s the eye of Amun-Re, which is an inversion of the eye of Horus. It does NOT symbolize the sun, but Sirius (Sothis), one of the brightest stars as perceived from Earth, which is not part of our solar system. Of course the Sun is much brighter, so appear several other planets within our system, including the Moon.

    In egyptian mythology, Sirius is associated with Sopdet, a goddess of utmost importance to the ancient Egyptians, because she announced/controlled/embodied the flooding of the Nile. Therefore her main attribute was fertility, but also rebirth and even the very origin of the world. She was sometimes seen as an aspect of Isis.

    In conjunction with Satis (sounds a bit like “Satan”, doesn’t it?), she was depicted as a woman with antilope horns and a five-pointed star (pentagram) between. Christians might interpret that as diabolic symbolism – but well, they do with most things. 😉 One may also feel reminded of Eliphas Levi’s (in)famous drawing of Baphomet. Horns are often an attribute of fertility gods (now you know why – after all, Sopdet is the grandmother of fertility gods) and the pentagram is associated with Venus among other things, who also was considered a daughter of Sopdet/Satis/Sothis/Sirius. Besides, the latin name of Venus, the Morning Star is “Lucifer” and no, Lucifer is not identical to Satan or the Devil. I consider Venus, Isis and Aphrodite (you may even add the virgin Mary to the list) aspects of the same entity – so do some other occultists.

    One thing about Sopdet – which was also regarded a “dangerous goddess” – is very interesting though: There is a story that mentions the disappearance of Sopdet/Sirius for 70 days. When returning (heliacal rising), Sopdet (Sothis/Sirius) was red like fire and blood and brought plagues with it. When she calmed, she (Sirius) turned blue. Usually, Sirius does appear bright-blue to us, but there are sources around the year 0 to 175 (Ptolemäus, Plinius, Seneca) that describe it as deep red.

    My personal opinion: Bob is playing with those symbols, just like several other contemporary pop artists, to give himself a touch of dark magic conspiracy glamour. 😉 Metal bands did it for decades and most simply copied the genre style without even thinking about it. Now it has become part of the pop genre in a modified way and conspiracy theorist are running amok, creating additional publicity. After all, you’re reading this, aren’t you? Then again… who knows.

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  8. Man what a crock! Who is writing this tepid, waffling piece that just wasted five minutes of my life? It is obvious to all with discernment that its no coincidence Bob has chosen this occultic symbology and it means the same thing now as it always did because of the driving force behind it. You know, like how Led zepplin sang, ” the song remains the same”. Yea so those guys didn’t know anything about occultism or anything………anyhoo ur attempt at placing meaning on traditions of man and dead ritual were subtle but sorry man, no deal. I agree that its a religion but my question is, with faith in what or whom? Real quick note, you guys really do throw yourselves out there with your websites heading, ya know all the symbology is super plain to see. Even before I got to the rhetoric, I knew what master you serve. I dunno if that’s ur intention. Only God and God alone can be depended on! We will surely perish to place our faith in man! You might as well hail satan.

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