Al-Fayed Calls Royal Family ‘Draculas’

Di & Dodi Memorial

Sun, 24 Feb 2008 20:51:57

Harrods owner Mohamed al-Fayed has called the royals “this Dracula family” and accused them of wanting to get rid of Princess Diana at the inquest into the princess’ and Dodi al-Fayed’s death in a Paris road accident in 1997.

Al-Fayed, who alleges that Diana and his son Dodi were killed by British security service on the orders of the royal family, said: “Princess Diana told me she had proof her life was in danger.”

In an emotional appearance at the inquest, al-Fayed accused Prince Philip of being a “Nazi” and a “racist.”

“You want to know his original name — it ends with Frankenstein,” al-Fayed told the court.

“It is time to send him back to Germany,” he added.

He said of Diana: “She suffered for 20 years from this Dracula family.”

Al-Fayed, launching a string of allegations in court against the establishment, also said of Prince Charles: “He participated and I’m sure he knew what was going to happen.”

He said this was “because he would like to get on and marry his Camilla and that is what happened. They cleared the decks. They finished her. They murdered her.

“It was slaughter, not murder,” he told the court.

Al-Fayed said Diana had told him that “she knew Philip and Prince Charles wanted to get rid of her.”

He went on: “Diana told me on the telephone she was pregnant. I am the only person they told. They told me they were engaged and would announce their engagement on Monday morning (three days after the crash).”

Diana, 36, Dodi, 42, and driver Henri Paul, a Fayed employee, were killed when their Mercedes limousine crashed in a road tunnel as they sped away from the Ritz Hotel in Paris with paparazzi photographers in hot pursuit.

French and British police investigations both concluded the deaths were tragic accidents caused by their speeding chauffeur who was found to be drunk. Both police probes rejected al-Fayed’s conspiracy theories.

But al-Fayed insisted that French and British security and intelligence services had colluded in the killing of his son and Diana, and in a subsequent cover-up.

“French intelligence helped the British intelligence to execute their murder,” he said.

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3 thoughts on “Al-Fayed Calls Royal Family ‘Draculas’

  1. Dracula in literature got the name from Vlad the Impaler. Interesting fact, though a hero to his countrymen he came from the house of Dracul.

    The word “Dracul” means “Dragon”, a term used hundreds of years ago for Satan.

    I am sure Mr al-Fayed is aware of that fact.

  2. Dear Readers,
    I assure you this letter is 100% fake, since this letter misleads the reader to think about car-brake tampering by some agent.
    The FACT is that the driver has been controlled from another dimension, something like demon possession. His body, after getting intoxicated, was more prone to be possessed by higher-dimensional entities. The accident occurred like this:
    1- Driver made ready to be possessed.The possessor now has control of hands/legs etc.
    2- The possessor pushes the leg on accelerator pedal while entering the corridor down-slope and the car is really going fast.
    3- The possessor turns driver hand to the right and keeps steady straight towards 13th column of underway.
    4- A medical team was ready with killing syringes so if the victim is still alive, inject poison while transferred to hospital.
    If you have any doubt about this, ask Gang-Stalking victims who every day witness helicopters/planes flying overhead and how those vessels are controlled anonymously. Same thing goes for weather control.They point the accusing finger at HAARP in Alaska to mislead you but the real control of weather is done directly from overhead .Alas,you can not see it since it acts from another dimension. HAARP is there to misguide you. So this letter is here to misguide you too.Check the victims of weather control ( Indian ocean tsunami, Haiti, Catrina, etc.) to get the large picture.
    I affirm this in presence of God almighty and for the sake of Truth that all I said here is pure fact and I bet my neck on it.

  3. Love ur comments Pete. keep em comin’. have you ever seen that old show V? with the reptilian aliens? the leader was called Diana.


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