Halle Berry: Sex Kitten

Halle Berry: Sex Kitten

Chosenite Adrien Brody samples Halle Berry’s “Hot Chocolate”.

Thank Yahweh for God’s chosen. Rothschild’s Xmas orgy is the party of the year. I think Halle is getting a little long in the tooth to be invited nowadays.

I find myself tempted to have a taste of Halle’s semi sweet chocolate lips. Maybe I should put her in a music video like Fred Durst did. No one knows what it’s like to be the bad man, the sad man, behind blue eyes do they?

Halle was lucky to be cast in God’s chosen production of “Living Dolls“. She was lucky to be insulin shocked and mind controlled into being a sex slave for the Jews. The Jews made her a star after all. What a lucky girl. So why does she cry every night? Isn’t the thrill of kissing a sexy master of style like a Adrien Brody enough? Who knows what other sexy Jews she has kissed at Rothschild’s orgies? Sexy beasts like Henry Kissinger or Howard Stern? Lucky girl.

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5 thoughts on “Halle Berry: Sex Kitten

  1. Adrien heard so much about Halle’s sweet lips from his Jew Illuminati buddies that taste them at Rothschild’s orgy. He just had to have a taste. He couldn’t resist. He’s God’s chosen after all. He’s entitled.

  2. Halle is definitely Jake worthy. I’ve jaked to Halle Berry pics a few times.

    That Fred Durst video is very revealing. Halle always picks psychiatric roles.

  3. Halle Berry wants justice. That’s why she married david justice.

    I remember when she was in vancouver filming catwoman the Illuminati Jews dropped a light on her head. Her catwoman programming was making her scratch her rapist doctor.


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