Tom Cruise Illuminati Secrets and the Edge of Tommorow

Listen to some Iko Iko and I’ll confess what I remember about Cruise.

Emily Blunt Edge of Tommorow

Mysteries of Paris #98 – The 666 triangles of the Louvre’s pyramid

The Louvres pyramid is rumored to have 666 panes.

So I’m gonna tag you Emily Blunt so you know what I remember about Tom Cruise in 1985. This is my confession under my failed actor avatar. I’m Nick Nightingale to his doctor Harford in “Eyes Wide Shut”. TOM CRUISE: ONCE AN ACTOR ALWAYS AN ACTOR. EWS quote understand junkion tv talk? This is the house Cruise lived in in 1985:

Chimo House

It was called Chimo House. Cybill Shepherd filmed a movie called “Marine Life” there. My mother was an extra at the shoot. There is an ongoing conspiracy against doubting Tom about why he likes Fish so much.

In 1992, the collapse of the Newfoundland Grand Banks cod fishery in … to them, or to the growing scientific warnings that cod was in crisis.

You know he was raised in Canada right Emily? 15 schools. Fresh Fish like a prisoner at every school. Chimo house was for runaways and truants from school. Doubting Tom never learned to read until he changed the colors on the print. Black and white makes the letter blur for him like an optical illusion. I’ve been teaching him the 7 Catholics sins and masonic virtues with the colors. He can read now. That’s the strength he’s found since I made that Eyes Wide Shut Psyop page. Psych showed me his room. He lived in the attic. He had a boom box, a goldfish and some playboys. The first time we played in the alley we climbed a cherry tree with him. Me brother Mike and I. I was 9 my brother was 11. Tom was 23 but treated like an omega since he couldn’t read. The number on your chaos blade is 2321. 23 is the Illuminati number. Everything happens in 2’s and 3’s. He had braces with full headgear he had to keep on for a certain time everyday. He showed me his teeth when he got them fixed and disappeared from East Van. Requiem Tom. David and the Cybill Shepherd.

You understand why Bill Pullman tells Cruise it’s Judgement Day? It’s the prophecy of the dead fish. We used to fish at Trout Lake in East Van. I found out how to catch all the catfish by throwing bread in the water. That was when we changed to Barbless hooks. So i would snag the catfish and make them fly in the air. Tom was upset by me killing the fish. So he made me put them back in the pond. No more fish in the pond Tom just like the prophecy. He did all kinds of play acting in 1985. He acted like the Karate Kid. Like a Ghostbuster. Like a beekeeper. A warrior. He said me and all the neighborhood kids were in his army. The psychs and social workers wouldn’t make macaroni and cheese for his army but he got his way. Psychs really bullied him so he turned to Scientology. I’m doing my detective work to see what really happened at Catholic school and if he got bullied about the fish dying. Big Fish means big liar. He always told a big fish story about the size of the trout he caught. People kept feeding the birds Mary Poppins and they crapped in the lake and everything died. Now this city is in a world of poop. Every city. Eutrophication. This is random stoner poop I remember about Cruise.

East Van Wall Elephant

This is the memory wall they built by Clark Park. The elephant is known for not forgetting.

Nanna House

This is the plaque of Nanna’s house where Cruise wanted to play ghostbusters. They were a black family with a disabled child. The house burned down. I don’t know if it was an accident or arson. Cruise put a vacuum cleaner on his back and made us play “Ghostbusters” with him. I don’t even know if anyone died in the fire.

Cruise Fire Dove

The psychs called him Andy. I guess he had a psuedonym because he was famous and dandy like Amos and Andy.

The Dukes of Hazzard (TV Series 1979–1985) – IMDb

He called us dipsticks all the time so we called him Dippy. Sister Helen made us make a St. Joseph’s school cookbook so I made a fake Bart Simpson recipee called the Dipstick Dip. We called him Dippy but Casey the muscleman at the park’s board called him “train tracks” and he would ask him if he caught FM on his braces. Cruise was omega until he did Top Gun then he became alpha. That’s what you are looking for in “Edge of Tommorow” the alpha and omega. When Kubrick made “Eyes Wide Shut” he thought Tom was heterosexually challenged and that was how Scientology was blackmailing him. You were on “The Simpsons” Emily Blunt you know the Jews mock cruise for his concern over the fish. There was a hornet’s nest hanging from a tree at Chimo House and Tom put on an army uniform callsign “Fish” from the army surplus store. He was telling the government workers that his dad was in the army and that they called him “Fish” because he drove his tank in the water. I googled the year his dad died and I think it was a year after. He was always fighting with the government workers and psychs. That was after we got stung buy bees at the burned down house when he put on the makeshift beekeepers outfit at Nanna’s burned down house. Fish are dead. Bees are dead. Paved paradise and put up a parking lot “Fish”.

I want the the Truth Cruise

You understand “A Few Good Men”? Code red? Hazing? Cruise got hazed bad about the fish dying so he developed a phobia and a fetish. He was never in college so he never got the bad sexual hazing just beating and paddling like in “Dazed and Confused”. That’s what I figured out. If the Fish die you die right doubting Tom? That’s what the Catholic school made clear to you when the read you the prophecy didn’t they? You tell everyone you are “The One” Cruise because of your acting imitations look where it’s gotten you. Knee deep in poop. I’m working on 2 Judgement’s 4 U. Reagan & Bush. 1986 & 2001. See if Film Actors Guild can beat the war pigs.

Tom Cruise Not a Soldier

He never was a soldier. He’s a propaganda weapon for the Pentagon. 1986 he had “The Right Stuff”. He was “Top of the Pyramid”. Now he’s getting washed up Troy Mcclure with all kinds of Scientology slavery rumors.

Crimson Tide (a.k.a. “Toxic Algal Bloom”) like the submarine movie Cruise. Cruise knows movie talk. TV talk. I remember when he was a breakdancer. He had his big break off at the park with some Philipino kid. The boom box was playing “Herbie Hancock – Rocket”. All Cruise could do was the wave while the other kid did the worm and won the challenge. I remember when his mom bought him a music keyboard and he tried pawning it to buy that soundwave transformer. He would talk in this robot voice to us. After that didn’t work Tom had a new plan.


These are the monorail tracks Lyle Lanley built in 85 Emily Blunt. I have to be blunt and truthful. Get to the bottom of these Fish rumors. Cruise hates these fracking Jews mocking him through Simpsons episodes. Like Jeff Goldblum “The Fly” his agent. I’ll tell you about “Mission Impossible 1985”. Tom really wanted a transformer. So he took us to the unfinished monorail tracks and made us climb up with our bikes and ride to London Drugs on Kingsway. He told me there were lasers on the tracks and if I touched them I’d be killed. What a bullshitter. You can’t bullshit a bullshitter Dippy. We went into London Drugs on his mission as his stooges me and my brother. He told us to take Megatron out of the box and play with him like we are all innocent kids. Then he started making shooting noises, hiding around corners, running around the store and told us to play our way outside. And we made it Emily Blunt. They never caught us until now. You know how much that Transformer is worth now Dippy? I’m not paying for it. You’re rich. You bring it back and erase that bad karma. No honor among thieves anyway when Cruise took both of them. You see one Megatron wasn’t enough for Cruise. He needed two. If you watch “Valkyrie” he’s reunited with that P38 Nazi gun. He can’t keep a straight face sometimes with that gun. I had to play out in the rain because Cruise took my Transformer. Sister Helen would let the kids with transformers play inside. My dad bought me a Transformer but it was the cheapest piece of poop. Shitcharger. Me, Cruise and my brother Mike always wanted the Constructicons. That was our Fantasy. But we never had the sheckels in 85. You see the sign when Cruise tried to “Merge” his family with Beckham’s?

Full Metal

Cruise is getting shot down all the time now Mary Poppins. You googled all the blogs about his Cult and the abuse. That’s why you shot him down.

See the Steelers Jacket I wore in highschool TC?

That was my reactive subconscious mind remembering you. Just like your reactive mind made you name your daughter Surrey. You’re afraid Miscavige will turn your daughter into a Surrey girl if he gets his hands on her. I was at Charlie Sheen’s “Torpedo of Truth” and he talked about how Kelly Preston would cut herself because Travolta let’s the cult sexually abuse her.

The rumors circulate that Suri is LRON’s baby. Look just like him how could it be LRON’s? Tom Cruise isn’t heterosexually challenged. Travolta is the heterosexually challenged one. See Katie Holmes I tag you to Surrey. You understand your reactive mind Cruise? You were laughing at the Surrey Jokes at Chimo house. You don’t remember that summer or not? “Return of the Jedi” Summer? Made your movie “Legend” look like poop right? Maybe not anymore.

Passport Christian

This is mutiny on the Bounty Cruise. Your celebrity center is haunted with bad spirits. This house has Casper the friendly ghosts helping me take down these pyramid scheme puppet master like Rockerchild.

‘So, Mr Christian?’ said the captain with a smile. ‘You have the whole crew, is it? Who else is with me? You, Surgeon I.edward?’ Thomas I.edward had been …

This house is the celebrity center now doubting Thomas Mapother IV. One day I’ll take Dustin Diamond to the apocalypse city and get his domain name back. If you were a real Christ Cruise you’d buy Dustin Diamond a house. But to you he’s just more gristle for the Hollywood grinder. This is where I help celebrities with their webpages. Like Roseanne. She believed I was the one just because I believed her story even before the Russians started listening. This is the haunted house because of you Cruise. Kissinger, Reagan and Bush have all our files from Psych and your Scientology cult is masonic illuminati so your secret tapes get passed along to the all seeing eye.

Emily Blunt Angel

Did Moses have an impediment of speech?

Moses told God that he was “slow of speech, and of a slow tongue” (Exodus 4:10). Some have thought this indicates he halted in his words, or that he stuttered. But this is not the case. Stephen said that Moses “was mighty in words” (Acts 7:22). Still, he was “slow of tongue.” This simply means it was a struggle for Moses to speak the Hebrew language in a fluent way. Recall that he was reared as a young man in the royal family of Egypt and his native language would have been Egyptian (Exodus 2:5-10). He no doubt spoke with a heavy Egyptian accent. The reason that Moses was given a brother Aaron to be is spokesman at the very beginning of his teaching is because Aaron had been reared in Israelite society and spoke Hebrew with fluency (Exodus 4:13-16). But once Moses was proved to be a true prophet of God in the eyes of the Israelites, Moses did not have to use his brother again. They accepted Moses, Egyptian accent and all.

I only stutter when I make speeches Emily Blunt. Don’t stutter when it’s just me directing myself. Me and the piece of poop London Drugs camera. You listen to Billy Idol Emily Blunt? Social Network betrayed his dreams. Scientology and Psychiatry betrayed Cruise’s dreams. He was supposed to banish darkness in that “Legend” VHS cassette he showed me in 1985.

Swordfish Travolta

Mass Extinction of Species … and well known fish species on the planet: the atlantic cod, the swordfish and the magnificent oceanic giants of the marlin family.

Travolta doesn’t shove fish up his ass. That was just a troll for all the damage his cult has done. I bet if you put on Bono’s red glasses you could read Hemingway “Old man and the Sea”.

Clark Park Basesball

You remember the dog cruise? Chimo? The Saint Bernard? Clark Park?

The reputation of St. Bernard spread far and wide; even the Popes were governed by his advice. He was commissioned by Pope Eugene III to preach the second Crusade. In obedience to the Sovereign Pontiff he traveled through France and Germany, and aroused the greatest enthusiasm for the holy war among the masses of the population. The failure of the expedition raised a great storm against the saint, but he attributed it to the sins of the Crusaders. St. Bernard was eminently endowed with the gift of miracles. He died on August 20, 1153. His feast day is August 20.

That’s you preaching the Last Crusade in Top Gun Cruise. Iraq was attacked 5 years later after the wall fell and the bipolar world collapsed.

Smith Sisters


The wall tells all about this neighborhood. How did all these heterosexually challenged rumors start private Fish? You listening to Bono’s song about the Scientology Volcano? I don’t want to know Cruise but you showed me. Everything. You showed me the Lord of Darkness in 1985 and again in 1999. Save our city Cruise.

Emily Blunt Victory

This our victory Private Fish. Mary Poppins starting a run on the banks so everything collapses again like dominoes. You have 1.7 billion in your cult fund. I’m gonna tear the bill in half in vegas and tell the big losers apocalypse and martial law are coming. Get out like Randy Quaid if you aren’t a gunslinger. or You can hedge on the apocalypse with your cult. Sell Short. But Miscavige ain’t no Robin Hood. He’s trying to build a spaceship and GTFO of dodge. Who knows what’s gonna happen to America. Second civil war or second revolution.

Pumpkin Seeds: A simple herbal aid for a mild case of worms is to use …I’m gonna cure 1 for now Emily Blunt. End7 is only looking for obsolete vaccine cures. We gonna Monsanto all the pumpkins in america TC?

maybe we can cure 2. Garlic May Help Millions Suffering From Schistosomiasis. You understand the American medicine is a scam? Tom wasn’t glib about the psych’s quack treatments.

and she really wants to cure the elephant man. where is my elephant man psalm? only works on windows flash is outdated. I’m not an animal cruise. You can’t force me to fight your older friends like I’m a pet dog. Bully me and make me steal. You punched me in the arm so hard Dippy, but you were a daredevil not a hilton. Alex De Large eye records for posterity all that poop from the past. When you had your friends Jackson and 4 eyes. Forced me to fight that 14 year old kid. See how I made him cry with a headlock dippy? You remember. You better start shitting me Tiffany cufflinks with this cult. Stop paying them slave wages while you live high on the hog. You really fracking disappointed me.



She’s getting bored Dippy. She needs the avatars to speak. I’m Bart Simpson to his Troy Mcclure understand Mary Poppins? These banksters are gonna fall again. Cruise has 1.7 billion and I’m shaking the tree of financial stocks are you following? What goes up must come down. Cruise woke me up to my own self loathing Jew mentality. You and Miscavige gonna be sheep when the dollar crashes? 9/11 I rip the bill in half and the poor get freed from their debt bondage. These women are programmed to want Frank TJ Mackey and Christian Grey in his billionaire tower tying them up not freeing the slaves.

Bart Simpson Starts a Bank Run

He’s a fracking liar. Not a hilton. We played “Risky Business” at Clark Park watching some hooker. There is no way he was heterosexually challenged with the amount of porn they would throw in the park from that house. I heard a rumor on the radio that Cruise played a heterosexually challenged christ with dicaprio in a Terrance Mallick movie. Never got released. Some kind of Hollywood secret. Dicaprio was a thief on the cross with cruise they said. forgot who else was in it. long time ago. He never did anything heterosexually challenged when he lived at Chimo house. Just the Fish mystery. He’s just small in real life not the giant on the screen getting bullied all the time trying to prove he’s not a hilton. climbing poop. risking his life just to prove his manhood. Fags don’t play with Megatron understand Mary Poppins? That’s the holocaust gun understand? Private Fish wants to shoot me with it for telling his secret.

Minority Report

I don’t got time to hold your hand TC. You and Spielberg turned me into magnum PI with this minority report understand? I don’t got time to make sense to everyone. End7 makes sense to Blunt if you read her bio. I don’t want to know about his Jew poop Cruise. Can’t face my own ju ju name with Deniro yelling about it in “Silver Linings”. How can such a small minority cause so much trouble? You don’t know what they need Cruise. They need knowledge not a Jew kick in the ass. They call me crazy because of your story Cruise but I just don’t give damn. That’s my prerogative. I know these Satanic Jews killed Whitney Houston bro. Gave her quack doctors and drugs. Sad times for the Jews Fish. Maybe those FEMA camps are for a Nazi Germany repeat in America. Less reality about who I am. Women always want to be entertained. Let the avatars judge. Can’t say hilton anymore. I never saw no hilton poop from Cruise. Never saw him play with any hilton toys or dress up like a hilton. He only played with boys toys. He was locked in that attic with his boom box, Goldfish and playboys. He had it in a bag like “Jerry Maguire” not in the bowl so he was playing with it. You freak them out Cruise because they are stupid brainwashed fickle women that would prefer to see you shove your cock in Travolta’s smelly asshole. Kidman talked about your icthyphilia but she didn’t elaborate. This is the real thing Private Fish. The fish are really dying off now. Radioactive Fukashima.

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    Vincent:: I could feel your fear, Catherine. Even now, I frighten you.
    Catherine:: You taught me to face my fears, always, Vincent. Tell me-
    Vincent:: What shall I tell you? That I am not this shadow, this man-monster that you hunt? Must you hear the words before you trust? Hear them then, it is not me. Catherine, I would never hurt you. (Catherine takes an involuntary step backwards)
    Catherine:: No, Vincent, no…. I did not mean to-
    Vincent:: To pull away? I know. I know your heart, Catherine, but sometimes the words that are not spoken are the truest words of all. (barely audible)… they hurt.
    Catherine: : What are you saying?
    Vincent:: We both know what these hands can do, have done. Catherine, if your heart does not trust, then no words I could speak could help.

  18. Zohan puts the fish in his ass. That’s what Simpsons say. Cruise says false. I bet cruise was supposed to be aquaman. Cruise says its Les Gross man than what they accuse. Maybe fishbowls relax him. He was born during operation fishbowl and his dad was an army contractor. Cruise was supposed to go to war but chose movies.

  19. Ariana still believes Tom Cruise and Travolta had reconstructive surgery on their asses because of Zohan fish in anus. It’s impossible ariana. zohan would have to see Dr. Fishman and his proctologist cousin if he liked fish that much. If he became one with the fish.

  20. Tom Cruise wants to tear down the wall like pink floyd song he listens to. Tom Cruise was in the Attic. The disco Zach Morris and Screech go to. He could never bring panic at the disco. takes the dollar bill tip.


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