The Versace Murder/Suicide Conspiracy

Versace Lagerfeld Envy

The Jewish fashion conspiracy got very ugly when darling of the Italian Grand Orient, Gianni Versace, was murdered in 1997. Jews always try to monopolize every racket even the Italian dominated fashion industry. Gianni Versace’s main rival was Jewish Illuminatus Karl Lagerfeld. Versace was murdered at his Miami home by a serial killer who later committed suicide when he was cornered by the police. Murder suicides are common when the Illuminati murders someone. If the person doing the Illuminati’s dirty work turns witness against them his family is murdered. If he commits suicide his family is taken care of financially. Gianni Versace is the ultimate fashion victim.

Freemasons are famous for their homosexuality. They are a fraternity based on “brotherly love” after all. The Knights Templar were burned at the stake for their ritual sodomy. Why else would Freemasons not allow women into their not-so secret society?

The reason for Lagerfeld’s jealousy is Versace’s trademark Medusa head. When aligned with the Great Seal on the dollar bill the Medusa has a right eye. The profane goyim associate the Versace name with great wealth because of this subliminal subversion. In the 90’s metrosexual men had great success with the women. When a man wore Versace, gullible women automatically assumed he was rich, or at least financially secure, and were eager to jump in the sack.

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