The Vatican’s Holocaust

The Virgin Mary and the
Secretary of the USA Navy call for World War III
Consecration of the World to the Virgin Mary – The Cult
of Fatima – Its anti-Russian significance – Catholic volunteers with the Nazi Armies on
the Russian Front – USA-Russian atomic race – USA theologians advocate atomic war – The
… American Secretary of Defense jumps from a 16th floor window – USA Cardinal Spellman and
Pope Pius XII support “the morality of a preventive atomic war.” – Ante Pavelich
and the Ustashi make ready for World War III.

The most horrifying religious massacre in 20th century: The Vatican’s holocaust in Nazi Croatia that they concealed from you for decades, playing the vital role in the recent developments in the region, along with the ruthless executioners world has ever known, in the cruelest death camp of all times, condoned by Roman Catholic Church and their proxies in “Independent State of Croatia” – The truth will finally be heard!!!

Croatian Ustasha sympathisers are very friendly with Jews.Ante Pavelic was married to the Jewes Marija Lovrencevic.The ideological father of their movement was the Jew Josip Frank.Even today we have Ustasa Jews like Mladen Svarz in their movemet.Ustasa scum only target Serb civilians and have nothing against Jews who lobbied on Croatias behalf against Serbs in the US Senate and Congress during the 90″s.Ustase are clero chauvinst Catholic fanatics who hate Serbs becase the majorty of them are Orthodox Christians, and they have nothing to do with true National Socialism or WPWW,they kill other whites while they marry and allow Jews into their movement.

— a concerned Serb

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