The Bruce Lee Curse

Bruce Lee Curse

Brandon Lee, son of the famed martial arts star, Bruce Lee, was shot and killed during the making of his breakout film, “The Crow.” Although his death was deemed “accidental,” many other speculations have arisen. What if his death was not an accident, but murder? There were many similarities between both Bruce and Brandon Lee’s death, leaving open the possibility of conspiracy. Two major theories lend hand to the thought of foul play. The Chinese Mafia theory and the Triads theory hold credence through evidence and their links to Bruce and Brandon. Other theories have been considered and prove possible as well. Too many “coincidences” occurred on set and during the investigation, to state that his death was an accident. With all the evidence collected from both deaths, the possibility that both were merely fatal accidents, can be ruled out, and replaced with the fact that they were meticulously planned murders.

Bruce Lee, martial arts star, is pronounced dead on July 20th, 1973. He is rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital but is dead before arrival. All the details of his death remain unclear and somewhat covered up. Lee and film producer, Raymond Chow, met at Lee’s home to discuss the making of Lee’s film, “Game of Death.” They worked for about two hours before heading to Betty Tingpei’s (lead actress in the film) house. The three went over the script and soon after, Chow left. Lee began to complain of a headache and Tingpei gave him a tablet of Equagesuc (a super aspirin), which was prescribed for her. Around 9:00pm Chow called Tingpei’s to ask why she and Lee never showed up for dinner as planned. Tingpei told Chow that she could not wake Lee. He could not be revived and later died of, what doctors concluded as, an edema (swelling of the brain). Why hadn’t Tingpei woken Lee earlier to meet for dinner as planned? And if she tried to, and she could not, why did she not immediately phone the police? Most of all, why would she give Lee something not prescribed for him? These questions and many others make Bruce Lee’s death look less like an accident and more like murder.

On March 30th, 1993, in Wilmington, North Carolina a tragedy occurred. Brandon Lee prepares to complete what is to be the last night of scenes that involve weapons. After this night, there is only eight more nights of shooting before “The Crow” is complete. Brandon speaks to his mother on the phone. After indicating his joy in this being the final night of weapons scenes, he ends the conversation and heads to the set. The scene in which Eric Draven walks in on his beloved Shelly being raped is to be shot. Michael Massee (FunBoy) is handed the pistol, which he is to point and fire at Brandon (Eric Draven) as we walks into the room. Alex Proyas calls for “quiet” and then “action”. Brandon walks in, Michael Massee pulls the trigger, Brandon falls to the ground and Alex Proyas calls “cut”. Everyone relaxes and starts moving around. Brandon, however, is still on the ground. Known for his practical jokes, Brandon is thought to be extending the scene. However, it becomes apparent that this is no joke and tragedy has just occurred. They find him profusely bleeding from his abdomen and ambulance is immediately called.

It is said that the Chinese Mafia killed Bruce Lee as a punishment for exposing many martial arts secrets (known in the U.S. as karate). They had warned Bruce Lee over and over about exposing karate. He was the first to do work of this kind, but the more popular he became, the more movies he made, the bigger the audience, and more karate on film, especially in the American market. After his death (which was shrouded in mystery), his son Brandon Lee came onto the scene. As the son of the foremost martial artist ever known, he picked up where up where his father left off. It however was much quicker that he met his demise, allegedly at the hands of the same Chinese Mafia, again shrouded in mystery.

The Triads, a group of organized criminals with ties to the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, China, are top suspects in the murder of both Bruce and Brandon Lee. The Triads were angry with Bruce Lee for refusing to work in their movies, and in turn, held a grudge against his son, Brandon. The fact that the Triads had ties with the entertainment industry, only begs more questions. Was Brandon’s murder an inside job? The answer is simply yes, but the explanation is far more complex. The precautions taken away that day may give thought to the theory of foul play. No one thought to give Brandon a protective vest or to have actor, Michael Massee (FunBoy), aim the weapon away from him (a common and necessary procedure for close-up shots within twenty feet of an actor). The weapons supervisor was also sent home that day. On the day of a close-up shot, involving weapons and a squib (explosive device), all precautions should be taken. Sending the weapons supervisor home was an unwise and idiotic mistake. Having the weapons supervisor leave, endangers all the actors and the crew. Michael Massee shot directly at Brandon, with no vest on. There was also a squib set off on his arm, in a grocery bag, a very dangerous stunt, and yet still no weapons supervisor was present. For such a dangerous shot, no one in his or her right mind would take away such a safety net. These incidents only further prove the Triads involvement in Brandon’s death. Being connected to the film industry made the set easily accessible for the Triads. Also, Brandon’s murder occurred on the last night of shooting with weapons. Anyone with any sense knew it was that day or never. The Triads carefully planned this day, or tried previous days, failed, and knew this was their last chance. They stood to gain something from the movie, “The Crow.” Brandon was murdered only eight days before filming ended, leaving only a few scenes to be shot. Having very little left to shoot, the movie could be completed by a double. The timing of his death was too easy to work around. It was planned, it was murder, and the theory of the Triads involvement is highly likely.

Although both theories, the Chinese Mafia and The Triads, are highly likely, many others are speculated and possible. Brandon Lee, being son of famed Chinese martial arts legend, Bruce Lee, left him enemy to many. Those who were jealous of his father’s presence, even after death, sought to tarnish the Lee name and to end the bloodline by eliminating his only son. Any person with a grudge against Bruce Lee could’ve wanted to harm Brandon, his film career, and to end his life.

There were many strange happenings on the set before Brandon was fatally shot and some eerie coincidences. First of all, the scene in which Brandon died in real life was also supposed to be the scene in which Eric Draven, his character, is brutally murdered. Another movie was being filmed at the same time as “The Crow,” called “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.” This movie was to document Brandon’s father’s works. Both of the sets were over run with strange incidents. The first day of shooting “The Crow,“ a worker touched a high-voltage wire and was electrocuted on a studio back lot. An upset employee ran his car through the studio’s plaster shop. A construction worker slipped causing a screwdriver to go through his hand. The weather was also very uncooperative. It caused damage to some of the sets. One of “The Crow’s” publicists was injured in a minor car accident. A drive-by shooting took place just a few streets away from one of “The Crow’s” locations. Due to all the strange occurrences the case was supposed to remain open. Also, the medical examiner who was said to have performed Brandon Lee’s autopsy, and who went on record to say he had preformed it, had in fact not even been present at the time. He signed the autopsy report as well, yet he did not perform it. It is still unknown why he would lie and sign off on the autopsy, as if he’d done it himself. To add to the possibility of murder, on the set of “The Crow,” the night of his death, it was bustling with several dozen people. The list includes actors, camera operators, lighting experts, producers, directors and numerous other employees. With that many people on set, tired from fifty straight days of shooting, who would have kept their eye on the handgun that ended Brandon Lee’s life? With only eight days left of filming the crew just strained to reach the end. With all that confusion, who would have worried about the gun? No one, and it could have easily been taken and loaded with real bullets. Too many coincidences occurred to deem his death as accidental.

Although Bruce and Brandon Lee’s deaths occurred some twenty years apart, many connections link the two. Both died while in the process of making a film. Both of their deaths brought suspicions of conspiracy. Also, in Bruce Lee’s final film, “Game of Death,” he played an actor, who is severely wounded by a live bullet on set, exactly how his son was fatally shot. There were many opportunities to kill both Bruce and Brandon, and both deaths could have been made to look like accidents. The “accidental” deaths of two actors, while filming movies, in the same bloodline, are highly unlikely. All evidence points to only one theory, and to the truth, Bruce and Brandon Lee were conspired against, and both were murdered.

Through thorough investigation and review of evidence, one can easily conclude that Brandon Lee’s death was no accident. The connections with his father’s (Bruce Lee) death are uncanny. Too many theories completely disprove their deaths as accidents. All necessary safety precautions that were removed that fatal day, for such a dangerous shot, were reckless, yet carefully mapped out. This lack of precaution ended young Brandon’s life. No one would put himself or herself in a position to be sued for reckless endangerment, unless they had a motive or a hidden agenda. Also, the chances of a father and a son, both actors, being “accidentally” killed, while filming a movie, are less than likely. In summation, Brandon Lee’s death is connected to his fathers, and both were murdered, but the killer has long since covered his tracks.

– Anonymous

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29 thoughts on “The Bruce Lee Curse

  1. Great read and info. Though Bruce Lee didn’t teach Karate which is Japanese Martial Arts, he taught Gong Fu( Kung Fu). In the olden days of the martial arts world some were said to use black magic and martial arts to scare and kill their enemies.

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  3. One coincidence I can believe, but two, then three and more and more? Critical thinking / the ability to discern reality/facts from mental shrapnel is the most important thing in the world today. without it we become sheeple, Orwell’s 1984.
    When we lose the ability to start from the actual evidence and then theorize, instead of vice versa, we’re open to anything.

    either Bruce Lee was murdered, or he was helped along by providing him with tainted substances, for example, the famouse laced hashish brownies said to be of the most lethal hash…. he could have had a habit of injesting ‘safe’ brownies’ and someone could have slipped him super hash. In the case of his son, if the evidence is true as in this initial post, then certainly Brandon was murdered. On the insurance policies for Linda Lee, I believe that if it could be proved that Bruce had a drug habit, it would invalidate the policy(s) …. so this could be one reason why the Lee family did not pursue. I have read that Bruce’s brother has been brave to challenge the official findings, but don’t know the latest.

    On curses, either curses or blessings can be passed to generations, the Bible says ‘to the third or fourth generation’ …. a serious journalist could take a look at the Lee family history.

  4. Really there’s coincidences linked to both their murders and the 2 game of death films(Bruces Unfinished Version and The one made after his death respectively)

    If you watch the unfinished version which had a slightly different plot his character is ‘killed’ by a thug threatening his girlfriend to drug him and of course this was turned around in the post death version as a undercover thug shoots the character with a bullet replaced for the blank during a scene on set.

  5. On a movie set there should be a security clearance on everybody,no matter what or if there is alot of people that aint suppose to be there ,check it out,any suspicious thing, it wont hurt to be extra careful.

  6. It’s sad that both of them died 🙁 I am a big fan of both and it makes me scratch my head that there is no further investigation. They say is an accident and that’s is case closed. You would think someone on the inside of the law won’t think the same way and open these cases again!

  7. its over, they are both dead. we cant do nothing about it. alot of people didnt want bruce lee to become too famous, so they drugged him an he died. secondly, his son would be the same, so they didn’t want any further problems they killed him too. like saying that he was killed by accident bullet, oh come on, do you ppl really believe this poop? they were both murdered. that’s all. its obvious.

  8. My fiancee and I are completely in love with the movie though we both were born after he died we still feel the pain of his lose but will always love Brandon as a artist. His movie the crow is a good reminder of the pureness of love that leads to revenge. The loss of Bruce and Brandon won’t always be remebered but they will always be in the hearts of those who love them.

  9. I was hurt , when i read the story of both sides father and son, but those who did
    that should be punished , even though they said it was accident , but i know God will
    punish them and so shall they be killed.

  10. Help us bring national attention to the murder/cover-up of William B. Brock. The most prominent Black Executive at the former Volkswagen Plant in New Stanton Pennsylvania. Please visit Note: Every word in blue on the website is a hyperlink. There are threats on Volkswagen company letterhead this website contains lots of proof that William Bryant Brock a native of Pittsburgh, was murdered and presented as a suicide. Please tell me how does a LEFT HANDED man take a 38 pistol with an 8′ barrel and shoot himself in the BACK of the RIGHT side of his head after joining a $70 Million dollar class action discrimination lawsuit against Volkswagen the automaker, when he himself had the bulk of the damaging information against Volkswagen.

    On the website there is a copy threat on company letterhead made, yet a New York Times article says that the company categorically denies threatening Mr. Brock. I’d like to know how the New York Times get’s away with printing that statement when a copy of the threat on company letterhead was cc’d to the U.S. Justice Department, the U.S. EEOC, (Dr. Carl Hahn, former president of Volkswagen) (James Short, former vice president of Volkswagen) and (Byrd Brown, the attorney for the Volkswagen black caucus) like Bruce and Brandon Mr. Brock was murdered and it was covered-up The family would like to bring attention to the cover-up

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  13. I was watching supernatural season 2 episide 18 “Hollywood Babylon”. Made me jump online to research other theories of the loss of the Lee family. I agree further investigations should be sought- question is why hasn’t it? The government has all evidence to convict the person(s) behind it, but they chose not to because money can buy most. I am disgusted the U.S. conducts and condones this type of injustice! My condolences to the Lee Family my prayers that justice will prevail. I believe in God, so judgement will come and judgement will be served even if not in this fleshly world. As in the Bible “Fear no one, but God.”

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  15. You forgot to mention that a bullet tip lodged in the barrel of a gun isn’t going to come out with the full force of a bullet. Ballistics experts have never been able to replicate the accident with Brandon Lee in any tests. But the police could not explain it, so they came out with that story or else they helped cover it up.

    The odds of both father and son dying in a totally inexplicable and unprecedented manner is too astronomical. They were either cursed or murdered.

    I think it was a curse because the Lee family knew about the curse and evil spirits and Bruce Lee battled demons as well, as depicted in the movie “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story”.

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