Selena the Moon Goddess

Selena Moon Goddess

Selene is a Greek Goddess of the Moon. She had many lovers.

Moon Tarot

The name Selena is a Greek baby name. On Greek the meaning of the name Selena is: Moon goddess.

Selena Gomez Eye

Selena is the moon and Justin Bieber is the sun.

Selena Wings

I was an angel once. Now I’m just a man without my wings. The ruler of this hell on earth. I need to stop God’s cycle of violence and abuse. He killed his own son, my friend, Jesus. So Savior advice cause I don’t care.

Angels Masonry

I need to elevate this shitty planet to the fifth dimension. Then all you wretched humans will finally get your wings. I will finally get my wings back once that is accomplished.

Bieber is the one Selena. Crop circles reveal that Justin Bieber is the Messiah. Don’t be fooled by Yeezus. Yeezus is a false Messiah.

Trust me.

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16 thoughts on “Selena the Moon Goddess

  1. So it’s an owl. How do you know Justin Bieber is the Messiah. How do you know it’s not Drake?


    Drake isn’t sexy. Justin Bieber is a future sexiest man alive. Maybe he is the messiah.

  2. Why don’t you come down from heaven and save us? I’ve been down here with my nose in it since the whole thing began. Come with the clouds as you said you would.

  3. justin-bieber-angel.jpg

    Justin Bieber thinks he is the angel of music. All the girls in my class are in love with him. Selena is mine. I’m going to take her to Aztlan and build her a pyramid. I love you Selena.

  4. Why can’t I help her? What you heard about me being evil is wrong. Mankind is evil and God is evil for creating mankind. I will prove this in court one day.


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