Rosario Dawson 1999

Rosario Dawson 1999

In 1999, Dawson teamed up with Prince for the re-release of his 1980s hit “1999.” The new remixed version featured the actress in an introductory voice over, offering commentary on the state of the world in the year before the new millennium. The same year, she appeared in The Chemical Brothers’ video for the song “Out of Control” from the album Surrender. The video features the all-seeing eye.

1999 (Rosario)

Dear Diary,

Wednesday, 1999, night before Thanksgiving:
Wondering what the Holy Day…
I got a lot 2 be thankful 4
While my people’s catchin’ hell in the worst way
There’s as many black males and Latinos in jail
As there are in the streets, OK?
Is it my imagination or is there some deviation
From the part that God wanted us 2 play?
First of all, there’s the name “Christmas”
Which means, get this: “Send Christ away”
Now I just realize what I missed as spoken by the priests of old
We’re saying if the face of the true king was shown 2day
2 its foundations would shake the earth
And so the reason 4 the ganda and propa:
2 distort the king’s color and the date of his birth
Open your mind, there’s not much time

This is Rosario, 1999

© 1999 Emancipated Music – ASCAP

In 1999, an 18-year-old college dropout named Shawn Fanning changed the music industry forever with his file-sharing program called Napster.

Download Prince and the Revolution track “Rosario (1999).”

Download Chemical Brothers track “Out Of Control”

Remember kids, when you pirate MP3s, you’re downloading communism.

written by Prince.

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