Rihanna Admits Devil Worship

Rihanna in a Hot 97 interview. She sarcastically admits that she’s a devil worshipper. Is she just joking?

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10 thoughts on “Rihanna Admits Devil Worship

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  2. rihanna is a satanist she sold her soul to the devil believe it or not, also rihanna is working to speak Corruption earth. (i.g) a teen who has a weak religious background, if she sees rihanna touching herself and lap dancing on people she doesn’t know, that teen will do the same(influenced) by something bad, be careful what you watch on TV these days it could be very dangerous

  3. I love rihanna….I love the. Fact that she is appart of ILLUMINATI…..I’m not saying this cauz I think its cool…or because I want to be just like her….but because I know soon the new world order will come….just like they say in the bible…some people choose the dark…and some choose the light…..I choose the dark…I’m not afraid to say this….and I don’t care what people say or think abot me…if u wanna be appart of the dark feel free to do so….

  4. All of you that say you will join the “dark” & that you still “LOVE” her even when the proof of her satanic belief is right in your face are blind & confused. That’s what lucifer wants you to believe. Watching her, following her, & “worshipping” her will only lead you straight to hell… its so sad what the world has become… I will never betray or distrust my God. I know where I’m going when I leave this world. I wish you blind ones could open your weak soul & repent…

  5. i pray to god that we as his creation will open our jaded eyes and really understand that god really loves us all and wants the very best for us. he also doesnt want us as his creation to go to hell, these people are just meat puppets for the devil and they want us to live in pain and death forever. we are only on this earth for a short time and we need to use our time with the grace of god and do what is right in gods eyes. through god we can only find salvation and life ever after with no pain and suffering, god will give us this gift for life if we humble ourselves before god and really listen. God forgive them for they know not what they do


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