Oksana: I Did Not Blackmail Mel Gibson

Meets with John F. Kennedy Assassination Lawyer Mark Lane

Mel Gibson’s “Baby Mama” Oksana Grigorieva claimed to the paparazzi who were following her that there was no extortion plot and that her Oscar-winning ex-boyfriend is a liar. However, sources say that Oksana’s kid sister Natalie Grigorieva likely sold the “Gibson rant tapes” to the Web site RadarOnline.com.

In related news, Oksana’s charge that Gibson plotted to murder a Jewish movie producer likely is false.

The tide of opinion in the Gibson-Grigorieva dust-up has turned against Oksana recently, as the shock of the Gibson rant tapes has worn off. She is developing a reputation in some quarters as a pathological liar as more details of the case leak out and her charges against Gibson get wilder, as does the cast of characters.


Meanwhile, attorney Mark Lane — the lawyer who made his name writing the 1966 book Rush to Judgment that alleged there was a conspiracy to kill President John F. Kennedy in Dallas — met with Grigorieva at her home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Sherman Oaks. The granddaddy of all JFK conspiracy theorists, the controversial Lane also was notorious for being the lawyer for Jim Jones and his People’s Temple. He supported Jones’ contention that he and the People’s Temple were the target of a government conspiracy.

In November 1978, Lane was present in “Jonestown” — Jim Jones compound in the Guyana jungle — when Congressman Leo Ryan was assassinated and Jones was killed while 900 of his followers committed (or were forced to commit) suicide. Lane claimed that U.S. military forces helped carry out the execution or there were agents provocateur at the compound who triggered the carnage. He wrote a book on the Jonestwon tragedy, The Strongest Poison.

Observers of Oksana Grigorieva believe that he is being brought in as he is an “expert” on sound recordings as evidence. Conspiracy theorists often use audio evidence to back up their contention there was more than one assassin in Dallas and more than three shots were fired.

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