Mel Gibson and Roman Polanski: what’s the difference?

Mel Gibson Roman Polanski

Mel Gibson says a bad word, and he becomes a pariah.

Roman Polanski drugs, rapes and sodomizes a 13 year old girl, and he’s a hero.

What’s the difference?

Mel Gibson, whatever his flaws, is a Christian.

Roman Polanski is Jewish.

That’s the difference.

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5 thoughts on “Mel Gibson and Roman Polanski: what’s the difference?

  1. Well… one is tall, the other short. Here’s a difference too – and a far more obvious too. What else could it be? Gibson was born in the US, Polanski in France. Maybe that’s it? I mean, how did you figure that the difference is in their religion? In addition, Polanski is not a practising Jew; he’s an ethnic Jew. There are no ethnic Christians. So, let me cut it short: what the ef are you talking about? Zebras are green and it’s three o’clock, that’s the difference. Makes as much sense as your proposition.

  2. Unconvincing. Where’s the demonstration? Making groundless proclamations are a sign of low intelligence.

  3. So true, so many difference between them two, obviously, but the NUMBER ONE REASON comes down to religion, sad isn’t??? I LOVE MEL GIBSoN, his just such AN AMAZING ACTOR, I dont agree with his idea of the world BUT it doesn’t bother me that he speaks his mind out, as long as he doesnt rape, hurt or drug anyone. Why can we protect our on people from evils like that horrible Roman Pilinsky type of men, they are the worse and most dangerous ones!!!♣

  4. Yeah, but … is Roman Polanski one of them though? It is true that there was that weird picture of him seating in his wife’s blood after she was murdered, but then Jackie did keep her pink suit to make a statement after her husband was killed. The illuminati protect their own very well, and the scandal with the thirteen year old girl would never have blown to poop like it did if they hadn’t wanted it to. Reminds me of Kennedy’s sexual escapades being hushed up until after he was executed as a traitor to the brotherhood. The thirteen year old girl was obviously an MK monarch creature and it looks like Polanski was hunted down. I don’t like his insistent interest with little girls in the extra features on the Rosemary’s Baby DVD, but it looks to me like what happened to him was a very public rehab session. I don’t think that living in exile is very glorifying, so maybe, like Stanley Kubrick, he got punished for making some sort of faux pas. Incidentally, not long before his death, Kennedy had sex with a thirteen year old girl, who, with the use of make up, looked much older than her age.


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