Madonna’s Tears, Obama’s Tears and the Illuminati’s Tears

Madonna Tears

Madonna sheds real tears for the victims of the Friday the 13th Paris attacks. Madonna is very superstitious about the number 13. She believes things and events come in 3’s and in the law of cause and effect. She’s awaiting the third major terrorist attack on her favorite city, New York. She sees Dick Cheney and Barack Obama making prophecies about a bigger attack as the cause.

Obama Man Tears

Obama is shedding his crocodile tears over shooting victims. He’s crying because he is trying to get Alex Jones’ guns and failing. Jews believe their messiah will beat the goyim’s guns into plowshares. Hand out Bill Gates seed bank and tell them to bury their guns Obamessiah. Your Sandy Hook false flag shooting to take their guns is a fail. They have to do it voluntarily, not by force or media coercion.

!50 Years Madonna Illuminati

Madonna is enlightened to the masonic master plan in Rebel Heart’s Illuminati video. The Illuminati direct the Freemasons to fulfill their plan for the Jews and Israel through the psalms of David. Madonna has to find these events in history like the prophecy of Nikita Kruschev’s shoe banging incident in psalm 60, the year 1960. Then use her third eye featured in “Bedtime Story” to send me her findings through lunar channels.

Madonna 150 Rosary

Believers in the Madonna of olden days want us to use a bigger, heavier, 150 rosary. This is what was said about my mother Mary 2,000 years ago:

Luke 11:27 While Jesus was saying these things, one of the women in the crowd raised her voice and said to Him, “Blessed is the womb that bore You and the breasts at which You nursed.” 28But He said, “On the contrary, blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it.”

Don’t kneel to Mary’s idols. Read the word of God and keep it.

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6 thoughts on “Madonna’s Tears, Obama’s Tears and the Illuminati’s Tears

  1. I’m giving you Jews another chance to accept washing in the Roman aquaduct instead of washing the baby’s penis in saliva. Your spreading herpes. Don’t kill me again.


    Shekinah protects Judah. Madonna travels through time a space when she meditates and sends the Shekinah cloud to Judah. Esther must persuade these Jews to give up traditions that are backwards.

  2. David De Rothschild would never take away our traditions. He is the real Moshiach. He saved the coastal cities from being flooded with his global warming hand book. He is the real savior.

  3. Madonna-Die-Another-Day.jpg

    Dr. Fishman’s friends diagnosed Madonna borderline and now that she joined kabbalah bipolar and schizo. Magical thinking. Delusions of Moshiach’s grandeur. Her duality is to be the whore of babylon and the shekinah. the duality of man/woman private joker spoke of in “Full Metal Jacket”.


    The light side is supposed to triumph over the dark. She fought her darkside in die another day. We have to wait until friday May 13th to see who’s event will rule the headlines, the dark or the light.


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