Lucifer lives on in music of the devilish Miley Cyrus

Miley Illuminati

As a musician, I have always looked to Mike Usinger for an honest editorial review on the big acts that play here [“ West desperate to be liked”, October 17-24]. No journalist south of the border would have the balls to write an honest piece calling Kanye out on his grotesque behaviour.

But I am writing in response to Angelica Poversky’s letter you published under the headline “Miley Cyrus is just seeking attention with her twerking”.

It is about time somebody threw the gauntlet down. I have spent the past 15 years doing critical research on the Illuminati in the music industry. Miley Cyrus is not just seeking attention. Dare to suspend all preconceived ideologies and connect the dots. The fact is that satanic ritual abuse and Luciferian worship is at the centre of everything she does.

So, please Vancouver, can we be honest and wake up?

> Joanne Fleming / Vancouver


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3 thoughts on “Lucifer lives on in music of the devilish Miley Cyrus

  1. If the Illuminati stuff was true, then it begs the question, did Miley get ritualistically serviced by the goat of Mendes? If so, that would explain the inspiration behind her twerking.

  2. Have you listened to wrecking ball? It’s about Miley’s torn flower. She got banged too hard by her boyfriend and it wrecked her flower.

  3. This post isn’t that far-fetched. The last Miley concert i went to was sponsered by not only Pepsi but also The 5 Jew Bankers. Coincidence, unlikely!


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